Chapter 25: That Kris Guy

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--the next day--

When I got home, I wasn't able to concentrate on my homework because I was too busy thinking about Saturday. Earlier at school, Nayeon was telling me that Yongguk finally came up with the "perfect" date for us, but she said she wasn't allowed to give me any details because everything was supposed to be a surprise. I really wanted to go out with Yongguk on Saturday and I didn't want to ask him to postpone because Nayeon said he made reservations and planned things specifically for that day.

Knock Knock Knock

Oh shiz. Not again.

I stood up from my desk and opened the window for Yongguk who was standing on a branch outside of my room for the second time.

"Why are you coming in through the window again? It's dangerous and you fell last time," I grabbed his hand and help him inside.

"The only reason I fell was because you pushed me." He had a point. "And as long as your dad's here, I don't want to come through the normal way. I'd prefer to avoid him now...but anyway, I didn't have anything to do at home so I wanted to come over."

"Ok fine, but if my dad comes up the stairs you're gonna have to leave fast." I sat back down at my desk and arranged my papers.

"Noo don't do homework while I'm here," the big baby whined.

"I didn't even get to start anything yet because I couldn't focus."

Yongguk chuckled and brushed the side of my arm, "Why? Because you were thinking about me?"

I sucked in my cheeks, "Not really but kind of. Tell me what you have planned for Saturday."

Yongguk shook his head and pretended to zip up his lips, "It's a secret."

[Yongguk's POV]

Why does she have to be so nosy. Does she hate surprises? Just wait until Saturday.

Suddenly her smile faded and started looking at me more seriously, "Just so you know, I think there's a chance that I won't be able to go on Saturday..."

"What? Why?"

"My dad told me I had to go to a business party with him and he's making it a reallly big deal saying that I have to go. But I'm trying not to listen to him."

"Oh..." Even though she stopped talking, it looked like she had something else to say. "Is there anything else...?"

Jieun looked like she didn't want to answer and then she just sighed, "Do you remember Kris?"

Ugh. Why is she mentioning him? First I had to deal with Daehyun and now this Kris guy?

"My dad said that he's "escorting" me to the party. I'm not really sure what that means, I'm pretty sure we're just going to be standing around but yeah...he's one reason why my dad is making me go."

"Jieun! Come downstairs!" We heard her dad say.

"You can just stay in here for now but be quiet ok? I'll be back," Jieun said to me and left the room.

[Jieun's POV]

Before I got to the last step, dad was already waiting for me, "Jieun, Kris stopped by," He said in hushed tones.

"W-what? Why's he here?" Yikes.

"He came to formally ask you the event on Saturday. Tell him that you're going to go."

"I already told you that I already had something that day," I reminded my father.

"Jieun. You're going with Kris on Saturday. And don't mention anything about Yongguk." Before I could say anything, dad held my wrist and dragged me to the living room where Kris was standing. "Sorry to keep you waiting Kris." Dad put up a facade that was way different from his personality a few seconds ago.

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