Passing notes

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I was in class doing my work. Because unlike others I want to pass .. My teacher thinks im a "Good Girl" because im smart and get my work done . So he thinks its a good idea to pair the "Good Kids" with the " Bad kids" as science partners. I was paired with my boyfriend Lucas. He is so irritating ugh!!. Sometimes I wanna choke him tf out. He really irks me.  But thats my baby.

While doing my work he passed me a note. And I ripped it up. Because I have no time for his dumb shit. Then he passed me another. I ripped that one up too. Then he passed me another. I just opened it because it must be important. 

The note

" Eww bae you ugly, you lucky I love you because I wouldda been left yo ugly ass "

I looked at him, laughed and gave him the finger and went back to work meanwhile he kept passing me notes

He passed me a note and told me not to rip it up or read it , so i didn't

After school

Lucas told me that he had to leave town for a week. He said for as funeral. And he had to leave tonight. I was upset that he didnt tell me ahead of time. And I cant call him or anything because his phone is broken.

Lucas - I love you ( Kisses you )

Me - I love you too ( hugs him tight then part ways )


Its been 3 days and ive been missing my baby like crazy. I was taking my homework out of my bag when the note lucas gave me slipped out. I put it on my night stand and I started my home work. When I was done I showered and watched some tv. Family guy came on. This was one of Lucas favorite shows ... UGHH!! i miss my baby so much !! oh yeah ! The note.

The note

'I love you soo much Yn , and I miss you. Even though I wrote this before I left. I know im gonna miss you like crazy. And I know you miss me like crazy. But ill be home soon. I love you baby
                    Love ,
                        The sexiest man on earth'

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