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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 29 ~ December 11th

I was eighteen today. But that was nothing to be happy about because my birthday was also the anniversary of Eunice's death. I wasn't expecting any of the Simpson brother's to be happy for me, and I wouldn't mind if Walter didn't celebrate it either.

I still had Hayley anyway.

And school.

And work.


But still, I coudn't quite get over the word eighteen. Eighteen. Wow. That was amazing! Legally an adult. And able to move in with Walter....and all his brothers. That would be interesting. I was really kind of excited, but what about my Dad? Well...he did get benefits. Once I was gone, he would learn not to spend the money on alcohol but rather on necessities. He'd be okay.

 My phone started ringing, and I looked at the caller ID. It was Severn.

 I picked it up, "Hello?"

"Happy birthday too youuu!!! Happy birthday tooo youuuu!!!" The sound of loud manly singing made me draw my phone away from my ear. Severn's not so 'up to scratch' voice was drowned out by Gio and Gomez's. That was SO sweet. They remembered.

"Happy birthday to CORAAAALLL!!!!!"

 A falsetto voice had joined them and I laughed wondering who it was. 

 "Happy birthday too youu!!"

"Thank you guys so much!" I said as soon as they had finished. "And who was the falsetto?"

"That would be me, that would be me," Landon's voice sounded through my receiver. I could hear his kid still trying to sing 'Happy Birthday' in the background.

I laughed again.

Severn's voice sounded so close to the phone, trying to be heard over the sudden noise. "Anyway, I gotta get ready for school, see you later."

"Thanks again! And yeah I will!" I cut off, smiling to myself. 

But then what about Walter? Surely he should have been the first to congratulate me. Nah, I was asking for too much! However when I was about to lock my phone again, I saw a message from him and from Hayley.


Happy Birthday babe, my beautiful Coral xxxxxxxxxxxx

I covered a hand over my mouth. Why was Walter so sweet sometimes? He had stayed up to be the first one to say it to me. And the amount of kisses?! Awwwwww. Opening the second message, I rolled my eyes smiling.


HAPPY BDAY!!!! WOOOO...ur probably asleep, but HAPPY BDAY anyway! :D xxx

Trust Hayley! 

I was about to call Walter to thank him as he had texted me first when he started calling me. 

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