Just Us

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I slid out from behind the wheel of my car and shut the door behind me softly, not bothering to lock it as I was only collecting the stethoscope that I had left in my office. I had arrived at work only to realise I had forgotten it.

At the first possible moment (my lunch break) I decided to go and collect it. I stepped into the house and noticed that there was an unfamiliar scent in the air. It didn't register as a threat though as it was only a human. I climbed the stairs and headed straight into the study. As I was picking up the stethoscope, I heard a groan, one that to human ears wouldn't have been heard. Curiosity welled up in me. I left the study and just as I shut the door another groan sounded. Ithad come from Edwards room but I knew for a fact that the scent that lingered in the house wasn't Bella's. I pushed the door open to reveal A young man, no older than 25 leaning over another form. I cleared my throat and the human snapped his head up and stared at me in shock before grabbing for his clothes and running. I was not suprised by this reaction as I knew I had a thunderous look upon my usually kind face. Esme sat up quickly and grabbed at the sheets, despite the fact that i had seen her like this many a time. Her golden eyes, shone with guilt as they stared up at me. I didn't wait for an explaination, I just walked into the bedroom we shared and grabbed a suitcase that was left out from a recent conference in California. I started placing belongings into it - clothes, books and other little objects given to me by my family. I carried it down to the car as if it were empty not full. I decided that I would wait until Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie were home before I left so I could explain my sudden departure. I sat down at the dining room table and pulled out a novel written by an old friend of mine.

After half a hour had passed I felt a hand rest on mine. I knew that to a human, we would feel cold but to each other we were warm, like humans were to each other. I looked up at Esme who in return gave me a look of sadness.

"Please don't leave, Carlisle." The sadness on her face was also present in her voice. It would usually compell me to hug her and cheer her up but this time I felt nothing because to her, there was no love to be shared between us.

"You can't stop me. The only reason I'm still here is to tell the others. I'm leaving."

"He doesn't mean anything to me! I love YOU!"

"Then why did you do it then? If you love me, why did you hurt me?" A hint of hurt mixed itself into my emotionless voice.

"I-I- I don't know! He was being really nice to me, flattering me and it made me feel human. It just went to far, I guess..." she trailed off, realising that i wasn't going to forgive her anytime soon. She sat on one of the sofas (couch) and I went back to reading my book. an hour and a half later, everyone returned from school. Jasper was the first to realise someting was wrong due to the feelings of hurt and anger in the building. I vaguely wondered whether Alice had seen anything like this happening. I heard them quietly discussing it outside, making sure the others knew before they joined us inside the house. I stood up and walked into the hall to be met with nno greeting but a worried, "What's going on?"

Emmett was the one to ask. i lead them into the living room where Esme was sat, as still as a statue. I made sure not to let Edward see my thoughts, reciting the french dictionary instead.

"Can you all sit down." They did as I asked and before I could launch into my explaination, Emmett repeated his question, "What's going on?"

"Well, I'm, er, going to be leaving and I don't know how long I'll be." Alice was looking at Esme with an upset look on her face as was Edward. They obviously knew what happened. Emmett, Rose and Jasper were still in the dark though.

"Why? Where are you going?" Rose voiced, an annoyed tone to her voice.

"I don't know where I'm going, not yet. I might go to England. Or the Volterra. As for why, well, Esme and I are having some proble-"

"Problems? You call them problems? She bloody cheated on you!" The outburst came from Edward. He had always favoured me over Esme, probably because I sired him. The incredulous tone in his voice was harsh and Esme flinched away from him.

Emmett and Rose were clutching each other, as if reassuring the other that they would never betray the other in such a way. Alice, Edward and Jasper were glaring at Esme.

"Anyway," I coughed, drawing the attention back to myself," I will be leaving about now. I just wanted to explain and say goodbye."

One by one they came up to me and gave me a hug and telling me to call them every now and then. I climbed into the car and drove to the Hosptial where I handed in my notice and telling the receptionist that it was an emergency and I was leaving the country for a long time so was unable to fulfill any 2 week notices. Having finished that, I drove to the airport and walked up to the closest desk.

"When's the next flight to England?" The girl behind the desk searched for an answer on the computer before looking up at me.

"We've got a free seat on the 22:45 flight, sir."

"What about Rome?"

The girl turned back to the computer an tapped at the keyboard before looking back up at me replying with, "The next one that we have a free seat on is tomorrow morning, sir, at 05:00."

I checked the time and saw it was 16:36. I thought about it before smiling at the girl behind the desk. "I'll take the ticket to england at 22:45 then please." I pulled out my card and placed it into the machine. After the transaction was through, I went and sat in the cafe with my laptop. Now I knew where I was going, I could look for jobs. I decided that i didn't want to go back to a hospital. As much as I enjoyed the medical career, helping people and saving lives, I needed to get away from everything to do with my old life. I found nothing that really interested me. Before I knew it, it was time for my flight to leave. I walked out to the plane and sat in my seat, ready for the journey back to my old home.

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