Chapter 22

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"Good Morning." Ezra smiled.

"Morning." Aria replied, giving him a small smile as she looked up from her cup of coffee.

Aria had been called late Thursday night, asking if she'd be able to sub for Ms. Welsh. Of course Aria agreed, but that meant working with Ezra. And also, it was still the week right after Spring break, which meant the students would still be wild. And to top it off, it was Friday. So Aria had to admit she was a bit nervous.

"How's your morning been?" Ezra asked, taking the coffee pot from her.

"Early." Aria laughed. "I usually don't go into the boutique until nine."

"Well, that's the perks of being a teacher. Fantastic early mornings" He joked.

"Yeah." She smiled. "Well, I should go get prepared for class."

"Ok. Are we still on for tonight? " He asked.

Aria smiled.

"Of course."

"Good." He smiled. "So, your parents are ok watching her for the evening?"

Aria nodded.

"Ok. Well after we get her, we can go out for ice cream, and then drop her."

"Sure. Sounds wonderful."

"Ok. Well I'll see you after school"

She leaned up and pecked his lips softly, causing him to smile.

"See you later."

Ezra smiled as he watched her leave. Ever since she kissed him at the park, they'd been slowly making progress. Now sharing a lot more kisses. It felt like they were two teenagers, just getting to know each other for the first time. So scared as to even hold hands.

He found it funny though. The day he'd apologized to her, they had sex, not caring about anything else. And now, the furthest they would go, would be a kiss. Sometimes not even with tongue, which quite frankly, Ezra enjoyed a lot.

He only hoped that she would make up her mind and finally decide to move back in. The need and want he had for her, was only growing and growing with each passing day. They both needed this. And he just wished Aria would realize this soon.

The day soon flew by, and both Aria and Ezra were relieved that it'd come to an end.

The small family was now seated on one of the many park benches Rosewood had. In that moment, they were all happy, all content and it felt so right for them. Aria smiled as she watched her daughter look up at them, chocolate ice cream covering her face. She loved her so much. And every time she looked at her, she couldn't help but feel guilty for missing out on four years of her life. She admired everything about her little girl. Her cute button nose, her curls that were identical to Ezra's, and that smile that made her heart melt every time she saw it.

"Mommy?" Olivia called.

Her thoughts were broken in that moment. She smiled as she looked down at her daughter.

"Yes, sweetie?"

"I'm done with my ice cream cone, can I go play?"

"Sure. Just remember to stay close by."

Olivia nodded, before running off to the playground.

"Can you believe how much energy a five year old has?" Ezra asked a while later. " I mean, after a long day at preschool, she's still running around."

"She's young, like me." Aria laughed. "You're just getting old." Aria joked.

"Hey, who you calling old?" Ezra teased.

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