Chapter Fifty-Nine

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Lot's of POV changes :)

Songs for this chapter are:

Your Song - Elton John

Telegraph Avenue (Oakland by Lloyd) - Childish Gambino

As Long As You Love Me - Justin Bieber


Justin's POV

The cops swarmed me, and I felt the cold, pinching metal of handcuffs being placed on my wrists. 

"Ow!" I heard a female cop screech and I realized Brooke has swung out of her grip by elbowing her in the stomach. You go baby.

"Let him go!" She screeched for me, but I just shook my head.  Another male cop grabbed her from behind, pinning her wrists together.

This caused me to snap, "don't fucking touch her!" I yelled, lunging forward and breaking out of their grip. I swung my handcuffed fists from around my back, hitting him in the stomach. He bent over, coughing.  I lifted my knee up, hitting him square in the face.  His pathetic body dropped to the ground and I stood in front of Brooke's body, shielding her away.

"Mr. Bieber," an officer said slowly.  "You're under arrest for the murder of approximately one thousand and ninety eight citizens.  Also, for kidnapping, assault, and resisting and injuring an officer."

"You've got no fucking proof." I hissed, "I admit to nothing. I may be Justin fuckin' Bieber, but you can't prove jack shit." I spat in his face.

"Brooke, sweetheart, we're here to save you." A lady whispered, and I clenched my jaw at her.

Just as I'm about to say something, Dr. Scotch stepped out of one of the cop cars.  "Yes, this is the man who kidnapped Brooke from our hospital facilities."

My eyes widened in realization, he fucking framed me.

"Good luck getting your money back, fucking douche!" I screamed at him and he only laughed.

"You're a lot dumber than people think you are.  There was no money, Bieber." He laughed, shaking his head.  He stepped closer to me, whispering so only I could hear.  "I work for you father, Justin.  He ordered me to take you down, and look, I have!"

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" I lunged at him, but I was held back by an officer.

"Take this criminal away!" Dr. Scotch ordered and I fought in the police officer's grip, trying desperately to break out of their grip and rip Dr. Scotch's head from his body.

I'm shoved relentlessly into the back of the car, my head banging against the roof.  I hissed in pain, but the officer didn't pay any attention.  I pressed my face against the glass, looking for Brooke's petite body. The officers were trying to coax her into the car, but she was crying and screaming.

"Justin!" She cried and my heart ached in my chest.  I slammed my shoulder against the door, wanting to break out to be with her.

"Hey, quit it!" An officer hissed.  He read me my rights and all that shit but I'm focused on Brooke's cries. 

"Let her go!" I screamed slamming my body against the door again.  Brooke looked over at my car, but I knew the windows were tinted. 

My car started to drive away and I kept hitting the window with my shoulder. I watched Brooke's hysteric  body fade from my vision, my stomach forming knots and a lump growing in my throat.

Brooke's POV

"Where is he going?!" I cried desperately, falling to my knees in the forest.

"Shh, honey, you're safe now. You don't have to worry about him ever again." A female officer whispered, stroking my hair but I dodged her hand.

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