Chapter/1/: We're Seniors

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It was the last week of summer before senior year. I just moved to Long Valley and beside the Dolans and I practically live at their house. I am best friends with Ethan and friends with Grayson but I never actually had a deep conversation with him before. Although they were twins ,I didn't look at Ethan the same way I did Grayson. Grayson was taller, buffer and in my mind, way hotter. But i didn't know if he had the same feelings so i keep it to myself. It was nearly 2:30 am on Monday and I am in the Dolans basement chatting with Ethan. I was asleep on the couch in Ethan's arms. It wasn't award become we are best friends. But then I woke up.
"Gosh, Ethan?" I say groggily sitting up.
"Yeah?" he says rubbing his eyes.
" Wow I didn't think I'd fall asleep, go to bed I'll clean up down here." I say while turning the lights down. Ethan gets up and walks upstairs to his room and is dead to the world. As I am cleaning up i hear footsteps coming down the stairs. It couldn't be Cameron , she was 20 and in college but she still came back to help coach the girls lacrosse team. It couldn't be Mr and Mrs Dolan because they were away on a trip. "Ethan, go back to bed." I say not paying any attention to notice that Grayson was starring at me

"Jamaica we need to talk." Grayson says.
I realize it is Grayson and look up from the blanket i was trying to fold.

"Oh , okay Grayson what is it?" I say in a soft concerned tone.
Grayson sits on the couch and pulls me down into his lap.
"Uh, um -" I stutter but he cuts me off.
"J, listen I know we don't know each other well but , um , I like you like a lot."
I'm thinking to myself that this is all a dream so i think i can do whatever i want in a dream.
"Wow, Grayson, I actually feel the same way!" I say in a soft happy voice.
He smiles at me and stares into my eyes. He puts his hand on my back and pushes me closer to him. I stare down into his cute hazel eyes and soon his lips were on mine. A little kiss turned into a make-out. Then I hear footsteps and a small groggily voice say
"OMG , gross" it was Ethan.
I jump up and grab my car keys , give Ethan a hug and smile at Grayson. I walk up some steps but stop to listen to what's about to happen.
"Grayson, really?" Ethan says in the most annoyed tone.
"What?" He says acting like why happened didn't just happen. "Making out with her wont get her to like you , Grayson , she's not like that." Ethan says.
"How would you know , Ethan your in the friend zone?" Grayson spits back.
"We went to 3 playlists together already and we have been good friends since she moved here, your going to have to try a lot harder." Ethan says raising his voice.
"I'm going to take you down." Grayson says.
I run down the stairs and put myself in between them. Facing Grayson and putting my hand on his chest to stop him i say ...
"Guys stop" Grayson sits down and Ethan says
" I'm going to bed it's like 3 am." He walks upstairs and Grayson sits down on the couch.
He pats the spot next to him and I sit down.
"I'm sorr-" I cut him off by pressing my lips to his and throw my keys on the floor.
He starts to grab me shirt to pull it up and reveal my white Triangl bikini that went with my skin perfectly. I grab his hand and pushed it off of me.
"Woah " I say pulling away from him.
"Sorry" he started getting red in the face.
" it's okay it's just I'm cold" I say.
He goes over and grabs a blanket. He leans close to me with one arm around me tight and i place my head on his boney shoulder. He reaches for the remote and turns on the tv. He reaches under the blanket to hold my hand.
"Can you believe it?" He asks. "What?" I say .
"We're seniors." He says with an adorable smile on his face.

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