Chapter 12

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| Still Teyana's POV |

People these days... I went back in the kitchen and made Roc a plate and put it in the microwave like i said i would and went to take a shower . I didnt put on any make up because i planned to stay in my room for the remainder of the night. I was hurt. I wasnt hurt by Roc but that date kept playin over and over in my head . Its something ill never be able to undo. Im permenantly scarred. I cried all night until I fell asleep. The next day I wore simple black skinny jeans, a red sweater, my all black converses and my hair up in a ponytail. Of corse i put on concealer. I Also wore mascara and lip gloss. When i got to school i met up with Layla and we walked to first hour together. She asked about the date and i just told her it was good. My lying has gotten better over night. When we walked into class I was taken by surprise .

Ms.H : Ok class we have a student who will be joining our class . Everyone meet Nick.

The looks on Prod , Roc , Ray ray & Prince's faces was just ... undescribably filled with anger. Nick whispered something to the teacher.

Ms.H: Teyana Nick will be your new partner since he seems to know you and Layla you can sit next to Ray.

Are you kidding me ?! I cant sit by him . One mind was tellin me to cry on the spot but the other side of me didnt want people to know somethin was up. He sat down.

Nick : You havent been returning my calls .

I didnt say anything .

Nick: so your ignoring me now ?

I looked away. He put his hand on my leg, when i tried to push it away he grabbed my wrist and started squeezing it. I tried not to let my face show fear or pain beacause i get the feeling that the guys are watching.

Nick : wait for me after school

His grip got tighter on my wrist by the second . I nodded in agreement just so he could let go. By the bruise around my wrist i could tell this wasnt gonna be good. After school i cleared it and ran back home. I went straight to my room and cried. I havent done this in a long time and i didnt want to back slide either but i just had to. I went into my top drawer and to the left to grab my blade ...



I dont like this nigga one bit. He's known for taking advantage of girls and i dont want him with T. No other girl has ever kept it so real with me and i'd hate to see somebody hurt her. After school i headed back to my new house aka Prod's. I was about to take a shower when i noticed we were out of soap so i just went under the sink to get a new bar. There was some kind of book there. I picked and saw that it was Teyana's. Seems like some kind of diary. I read it. OH HELL NO! HE DID WHAT?! That explains the make up... I put on my sweat pants and a white beater . I knocked on her room door and she opened it.

T: yes

I showed her the book

T: Please tell me you didn't

She started to cry uncontrollably. I held her. I guess Prod heard so he came to find me holdin her.

Prod: What happened?

Me: He raped her

Prod: He did what!?

Her make up was smearing revealing a large hand print on her face .I let her go and changed into gym shorts and a black hoodie. Prod already knew what time it was. Ray showed up in his mama car in ten minutes with Prince.The ride to Nick's was quiet. I had my fists clenched the whole ride. When we got there Ray Ray Bammed on the door like 5 0 . Nick opened the door.

Ray Ray: So we rape girls now playboy?!

Nick : Df?

Prince gave a blow to the face. Then Prod pushed him back in the house and we closed the door behind us. Ray kicked him in his knee makin him fall. He tried to fight back

Me: You aint so bad no huh?!

I planted my foot on his stomach and started stompin on his bitch ass. Meanwhile , Prod was goin ham on his face . Prod got up and let ray ray get his time, Then Prince started throwin hands. I picked him up and slammed him back down. The anger boiled at my skin as i bashed i his head in the table.

Ray: dont kill him bro

Me: Fuck that

I kept punchin him all over until i gor tired then Prince and Prod pulled me off.

Prince: Lets go

I spat on him

Ray : bitch niggas these days

We left. Ray dropped me and prod back off. Prod went upstairs to cool off, but the only thing that was ony mind was Teyana ....





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