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The boy stood outside, looking over at where he heard the sound from. He quickly looked back at the small shack they called home, sighing impatiently. He was waiting for his mother to get ready to go to the town square to see what the commotion was about. The door finally opened, and his mother stepped out.

Scott's eyes lit up, he wanted to go to the square as soon as possible. As far as rumors went, it was the hunters who were here, and they always brought exotic animals back from their adventures. Scott was finally old enough to see them, and he couldn't wait.

His mother took him down the cobble streets, until they reached the square. There was a man standing on a raised platform, talking to the large crowd that was gathered around it. Behind him stood a huge cage, bigger than any Scott had ever seen. The man began talking again.

"Ladies and Gentlemen! You won't believe it! The first one human kind has ever_captured...." Scott wiggled through the rows of people, getting to the front row. He wanted to see what was in that cage, though he couldn't. He sighed, watching and waiting.

The man grabbed thick, ox-hide gloves from his hunting partner, then opened the cage. He reached in, muttering words to the creature inside. He finally pulled back, standing up with the creature in his arms.

At first glance, it appeared to be a normal kid. Then you'd notice the pure white eyes, snake tail, sharp teeth and forked tongue. A naga! A baby one at that! And it was alive! The first one, the first one ever captured...

It struggled in the man's arms, until he managed to calm it down. It gave in, looking terrified, especially at the crowd. The people watched with wonder, the first naga in human captivity right in front of their eyes. The young naga hissed and snapped its jaws at the man, though the man held it so that he couldn't be bitten.

"This one was found in the early morning hours yesterday. His parents were quite a nuisence, his father was known to attack passing travelors. The mother was very protective over this one and another hatchling. When we stumbled upon their 'nest', the male wasn't present, thank god...but the female put up a fight. We had to kill her, the younger hatchling dying in the process. We decided to take this one captive instead of killing it." The naga hissed and clawed at him, and it actually managed to grab onto his arm. It bit down, sinking its teeth into his flesh. The man screamed and pulled out a daggar from his belt, cutting the creature enough for it to let go. He threw it onto the platform, it just lay there, lifeless.

The crowd gasped, not only for the man, but for the small naga. Scott's eyes widened, he almost climbed up onto the 'stage' to help it. The man clutched his bleeding arm, panting. He ordered one of the men to put the creature in the cage and lock it up. Scott watched in horror, the naga might've died before his eyes. His mother grabbed his arm, pulling him out of the crowd and running him home, though it wasn't the last time their paths would cross.

The boy closed the door behind him quietly. He walked out into the road with his pack that was full of supplies. He sighed, looking down the road. He'd have to walk to the square alone. He began heading towards where the event was held earlier that day, sighing.

When he got there, it was silent. It seemed like a ghost town, there wasn't anyone in sight. The cage and plateform were still there. He took a deep breath and walked up to the large cage, though it seemed empty. He looked around, but he didn't see anything. Then he noticed the shivering mass in the corner.

Scott was small enough to slip through the bars of the cage, so that's what he did. He got inside and took a nervous breath, kneeling next to the creature. He sighed and set the pack down, reluctantly reaching his hand out the the shivering mess in front of him. The naga hissed weakly, though it was barely strong enough to lift its head. The scales on its shoulders raised in a hostile manner. He put his hand gently on its head, signalling he meant no harm. "The impack must've hurt you..." Scott whispered as he sat down and pulled the small naga into his lap. He opened the pack he brought, getting out bandages and a canteen of tea. He'd convinced his mother he was sick, and saved the tea she made. He gently lifted the canteen to the naga's mouth, and it reluctanly drank it. Then he went to bandaging the cut on his chest.

"Do you have a name?" The boy asked, putting the canteen down. "V-vincent.." The naga managed to choke out. Scott gently stroked his hair, smiling warmly. "You're not as bad as they make you out to be..." Scott said, feeling the tiny horn's on the naga's head. His smile faded. "You''re just a'll die without your mother..." Scott said, realizing that Vincent was too young to be without parents. He would surely die without someone to care for him.

Vince wrapped his arms around Scott, closing his eyes and burying his head in the crook of Scott's neck. After all he'd been through the last two days, a loving touch felt wonderful. He closed his eyes as Scott reached into the pack once again. "I'm not sure what you would normally eat...but I found a few things that you might like." Scott took out a small peice of bread and a peice of beef jerky his father had made the night before. He held them out to Vince. "Here..."

The naga took it reluctantly, sniffing it first. Then he gently began to nibble on it. He wasn't used to eating something that was from someone other than his mother. Scott smiled. "My name's Scott." He said as he got the last thing he'd brought out of the bag. It was a small teddy bear, something that Scott's mother had given to him as a kid, though Scott felt that Vince deserved to have it. He set it down next to Vince. "Something to keep you company." He smiled and held Vince tightly, as if Vince were his own child. Scott sang softly.


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes I'll light the night with stars

Hear the whispers in the dark


You'll never be alone

When darkness comes you know I'm never far

Hear the whispers in the dark

Whispers in the dark-"

Scott was cut off by seeing someone watching him. Shit! It was the guard who was sent to make sure Vince didn't escape! Scott gulped. He was in trouble now....

The man chuckled. "Beast tamer or Miracle worker, I'm not sure what to call ya, kid. But that's just about the most amazing thing I've ever seen. A child taming a beast...Don't worry, I won't tell if you don't want me to." Scott signed of relief, looking down at the naga in his arms. He was fast asleep. Scott nodded to the man.

"Thank you..." Scott gently set Vince down, careful not to wake him. Scott grabbed his pack and the canteen as the man opened the cage door. Scott walked out and sighed, looking up at the man. "What's going to happen to him...?" The man looked at Vince again. "Tomorrow he's going to be sold to the king. Who knows what they'll do with him from there." Scott sighed. "Okay...thanks." And then he headed home.

He lay awake that night, unable to sleep. The moonlight shone in from the window, he just stared up at the ceiling. He was worried. For some reason, he felt obligated to take care of the baby naga. It won't survive without someone to care for won't survive without me. That was his last thought before drifting asleep.

[I'm sorry I rushed this ,I had it typed up then I lost it. Well, here it is, and it'll only get sadder. Hope ya'll enjoyed!]

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