Chapter 8

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"HOLY CRAP THIS ONE IS ADORABLE." Dinah squealed in the store, holding up baby clothes. "She'll just know it's from me." The Polynesian girl smirked, reading the Diva baby onesie.

"Nice try" Camila chuckled, looking at more clothes. "If last year someone told me that I'd be looking for my own child's clothes at the age of 17, I would laugh and think that they're crazy."

"Child? I thought there were more inside?" Harry hesitantly asked, helping Camila continue her search while the Ally, Normani, and Dinah, went off to go look at other baby supplies.

"No, the doctor said I just look extra big because I usually have a small frame. Don't worry, I thought I was having twins too." She smiled.

"How is the whole Austin and Lauren situation?" The boy asked innocently as Camila kept stuffing clothes into the cart he was pushing.

"Nothing much. After Lauren and I moved in together she took me out on a couple of dates and helped me with a bunch of stuff. Austin continues to check up on me and I know he's officially happy with Becky so that's all that matters." Camila shrugged as they made their way to the cashier. "In fact, I think they're all at the apartment right now probably watching some football game."

"Thanks for helping me out with this guys." Lauren said to her two closest guy friends, who were happy to be there helping out the green eyed girl in making the nursery room while Camila was distracted shopping.

"Anything for you Jauregui. How is it here?" Zayn asked while painting the walls a light shade of green.

"It's really nice. I finished unpacking all of my boxes yesterday and Camz is just happy that she can just chill without worrying about much." Lauren shrugged.

"Did you guys talk about where you want to go for college? That's all that ESPN has been talking about for the past couple of days." Austin said as he continued to hammer the nails into the crib.

"I think we've both been trying to put that off for a while." Lauren was still hesitant on making her decision, now knowing that she had a kid and a girlfriend all aboard.

"Talk to her tonight. You know, maybe after the baby shower." Zayn told her, reminding her of the surprise party that Ally had come up with for Camila. It was being held at the short girls own house of course, and being one of the richest girls in her grade definitely had it's perks in showing off.

The three continued to work while Harry kept distracting Camila from coming back and seeing the nursery in which was a present from Lauren, Austin, and Zayn.

As people started to show up to Ally's rather large house, Lauren realized that most of their guests were still high school students. Even though they were all dressed up and preppy-looking, they were still rowdy and obnoxious which made Lauren worry.

"Lauren? Lauren Jauregui?" An elder boy came up to the green eyed girl.

"That would be me." She smiled at him, holding a respectful hand out for him to shake.

Shaking her hand, "I'm Alex Cabello. I believe Ally invited us to the baby shower." He said sternly with a raised eyebrow.

"You must be Camila's brother. It's nice to finally meet you." Lauren responded, trying her best not to show any sign of fear.

"Look, you better not hurt her or else I-"

"Hey be nice" A girl interrupted, coming up behind Alex. "I'm Sierra, his fiancee."

"LAUREN!" A high pitched scream came from a familiar little girl.

"Sofi!" The green eyed beauty picked up the youngest Cabello and embraced her in her arms. "I've missed you so much, you know that?"

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