Chapter 7

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The day after the paternity test, the Riverbanks High School got a call from another local team who was rooting for them in the National Championship Game. They offered to have a scrimmage with them for their practice. Of course, the Riverbanks Wildcats agreed.

"Hey there, stranger." Lauren loved hearing the famous phrase coming from a particular brunette.

She turned around to meet Camila who was shyly smiling at her. "Well hello there. What are you doing out here? It's getting cold. I don't want you getting sick." Lauren took off her hoodie and placed it around the girl.

"Austin wanted to watch the practice and invited me to come with him. So, here I am." She gestured to the field.

Lauren continued to put on her pads as they continued their conversation. "Nothing big, just one last scrimmage before the game tomorrow." She shrugged her shoulders. "Plus the Titans are playing with us today. We'll probably just be goofing off together the entire time."

Westfield High was the Riverbanks 'sister school'. Though they don't have the best football team, they all saw each other a lot and got along well both on and off the field.

"Mila!" A peppy red head Titan cheerleader came up to them. "I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Holy crap, Ari?" Camila gave the girl a hug. "I haven't seen you in like.. a year!"

"Well duh, maybe if you were still cheering then you would see me and the girls!" The redhead turned to Lauren, "Hey green eyes. Long time no see huh?" She winked.

The two hugged, causing Lauren to remember the one night stand with the girl. Truth is, it was one of the best hook ups besides Camila.

"Jauregui! Get your ass on the field!" Coach yelled from 20 yards away.

"Don't worry, I'll keep Mila safe. We'll see you later." Ariana winked once again, linking arms with the pregnant brunette and walking away.

Lauren smiled at the two, noticing how adorable they were together. She knew that Camila really enjoyed time with Ariana because they acted as sisters since the redhead never actually had one.

Practice went well. The green eyed quarterback got some amazing passes and even got a small audience to watch. The town's local newspaper photographer even came by to take pictures of the team in their natural habitat.

After 2 hours of tackles and touchdowns, practice was finally over.

"Hey" Lauren heard a voice coming from behind her as she took off her pads.
She turned around and was met by another Titan cheerleader, one she's never met. "Hi, I'm Lauren." She responded with a shy smile.

"Yea, Lauren Jauregui. I know" The girl sounded nervous. "I-I'm Marina Santos." She extended her arm out to shake Lauren's hand. The other cheerleaders from her team was standing off to the side, giggling at the sight before them.

"Santos? Like Luis' little sister?" Lauren recognized the last name.

"That would be me. My family and I love you so much so c-can I ask for a picture?" She held her phone up.

"Totally" Lauren smiled, grabbing the phone to hold it in a selfie position. "Ready? One, two, three" She counted, then felt a pair of lips on her cheek. Once the photo was taken, Lauren gave the phone back. "How spontaneous" she joked.

"Yea, I'm sorry." Marina ducked her head down, giving a little chuckle. "I was actually wondering if you want to get some food with my friends and I, like right now.."

"I would love too." Lauren cut in, noticing the girls struggle to ask. She finished putting everything in her bag and even extended an arm out so that the girl in front of her could lock elbows together.

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