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This has been such a serious turn in my life. It's not everyday that God pushes the restart button on you. Sometimes it's a wake up call. So, I've taken the next year off from my day job to write full time. Hopefully, positive things will come of it. All I can do is write and find out. So, look forward to more stories to come when "Saving My Heart" wraps up in a few more chapters. 

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Chapter 22

Julie's POV

I thought I'd lost him. And yet, here he was holding me instead of her outside of his father's funeral. I was lost in the feel of his chest moving up and down against me with each breath. I closed my eyes breathing in the scent that told me I was so close to him. The mix of his cologne mixed with the smell of city life around us. Diesel from the bus passing us assaulted my nostrils, daring me to come out of my cocoon of man for air. I didn't dare. I wanted to hide in his arms forever.

But we had the rest of the funeral to get through. People started to exit the church cueing the end of the service. Some people came up to Peter, signaling him to let me go and shake their hands for condolences. I knew this day had to leave him open to receive people's mutual grief. But I wasn't going to give Jessica another in. There were no more space times for her. She used up her only free space move with him. I was onto her game now. And I was going to give her my "Go directly to jail" card.

Peter saw his mother and sister leave the church and guided me over with him. I noticed that Jessica was standing on the other side of his sister. His Mom looked at him and reached for his hand. "Peter, I need your strength right now."

I didn't need to be told twice. I stepped back and let him grab one arm of his mom, helping her go down the steps as his sister helped her on the other side. The people moved aside, making way as they stepped up to a limo parked and ready. There was nothing left for me to do but follow behind again. But this time Jessica walked next to me, behind his sister.

She glanced my way, and whispered. "He's mine, you know."

I glared back. "Oh really. What makes you think so?"

"He's my fiancée."

I tried not to choke from her words. I lifted my eyebrow not believing her claim. "Really?"

"You're just his assistant. He's with me, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"I don't see a ring."

She smiled sweetly. "We've had a fight. So, I haven't been wearing it. But we'll be back to planning everything. Maybe you can help me. I'm sure you have to be very organized to work for Peter."

I tried to put on a poker face as I felt my heart breaking. Damn if I was going to give this bitch the satisfaction of seeing a reaction. Plus we were heading towards the graveyard to bury Peter's father. This was such a low blow for anyone.

I had no choice but to follow Jessica and the family into the limo. Sliding down the leather seats, I ended up across from Peter with his mother and sister on the other side. I was forced to sit next to Jessica. Seriously? I was already tired of this bitch sticking to us like glue. What was up with this following around shit? It was like she thought she was part of the family or something.

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