Chapter 26- These feelings

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Harper stirred as she woke up surrounded still in the warmth of the heat. Sitting up, she noticed James near her, his eyes protected with a tinted pair of sunglasses on as he read through a newspaper. Beads of moisture lay heavily upon his chest, the sunlight embracing him. Harper could look at him all day if she could, she thought.

"Good nap?" He asked, pushing his sunglasses to the end of his nose. Harper nodded blushing as she looked away wondering if he caught her staring at him. James sat up placing the paper on the side as he got up. "We're going back. Not actually far from the port." Harper nodded getting up as well.

"I'll never get bored of looking at that." He said, the smirk upon his lips as his eyes dazed at her body. Harper blushed, knowing he was implying to the fact she was wearing a piece that hardly covered her body. "Its sexy as f**k." He grinned pushing his sunglasses back up his nose. Harper bit her lip, feeling her cheeks burn up. James picked up a shirt off the side she didn't notice and slipped it back on, she frowned inside, missing his naked flesh.

"Coming?" He asked.

"Yes." She said following him back to the back for the boat where the rest of his family was. Gwen beamed as she watched Harper walk over, whereas Violet was busy sunbathing back.

"Ah, did you have a nice nap, sweetie?" Gwen smiled. Harper nodded. "Yes, thank you. I found it hard not to fall asleep. Its so peaceful."

"Well once we are back, perhaps you could join us back for dinner?" She said before James piped in. "Actually, I was going to take Harper back home. Grab her stuff and go." I think she's exhausted from today." Gwen's smile slightly deflated. "Oh, sure...sure. I mean we have just loved your company so much Harper. But I understand your boyfriend is missing you to himself." Harper blushed smiling as she looked down to her feet. James coughed. "Where's father?" Gwen thrusted her chin upwards. "Driving us back of course."

Reaching back to land, James had already had sorted her suitcase to be loaded so there was no need to go back to mansion with his parents however that didn't mean she got away from his Mother easily, Harper was held in a tight squeeze. Violet had offered for Harper to keep the costume admitting it suited her more and stuffed it in her suitcase. James leaned against his door trying his best not to look over, a part of him knew that this would hurt his Mother if she knew this was all fake, he could see the adoration his Mother had for Harper, it was dangerous.

"Come back anytime you like. You know that right." Gwen cooed cupping Harper's face in her hands. Harper smiled, her heart aching for how welcomed she felt. "Thank you for having me." Gwen shook her head smiling before pulling Harper into another hug.

James coughed. "Mother." Gwen pulled away apologising as Harper met up with James climbing into the car. Before he climbed in, Harper watched smiling as he kissed his Mother on the cheek, the same with his sister before firmly shaking his hand with his Father then climbing back in the driver's side. Harper waved back as the car started moving away, her eyes were threatening to tear up in joy. He had a wonderful family that she felt warmed up to.

"Tired?" He asked as Harper sat back.

"Yes, your family exhausted me out." She chuckled. James smiled to himself muttering after. "They loved you being there..." Before he coughed looking back onto the road. Harper blushed looking down at her lap before saying, "So back to work tomorrow?" James nodded turning onto the motorway. "Yes, I have plenty of meetings tomorrow to keep me occupied."

Harper looked out the window watching as the scenery beside her blurred, the surrounding of the country disappeared and replaced with urban. James glanced through his corner of his eye upon her, he was having these strange feelings that were threatening to overwhelm him. It was completely out of the ordinary, he didn't feel these feelings with various other women, and now they were just coming out of the blue being near her.

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