47. Resturant

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47. Restaurant

"How've you been?" Jamie asked as we settled in our seats.

"Promise me after this we never see each other again." I spat annoyed. He looked up at me intensely.

"Rose-" he started.

"You made my life a living hell whilst we were dating, I don't want you to run my life now. You promised that if I did this you would leave me alone. You better keep that promise." I demanded. He cleared his throat looking away.

"I'm sorry." He mumbled. "Rose, just let me say something, the love I knew was aggressive. That's the only love I've ever seen. My dad would beat my mum and it's hard to know the right kind. I'm so so sorry for everything I've ever done and I know I should've never touched or hurt you like I did." He paused, maybe waiting for a response but I didn't know what to say. "Rose, I love you, and always will. I just am really, dreadfully sorry. I'm not asking for you to accept it, I'm asking for you to understand. If I knew how to love you right, you wouldn't be with Harry, you would still be with me."

I brought my eyes to his. Was he actually apologising? Was he actually sorry? Maybe tonight wouldn't be so bad...

"I need to use the restroom." He stood up walking away.

I looked at my watch and then back up at the empty seat. My heart began to beat incredibly fast and loud within my chest, Jamie's words made me- nervous. Nervous for my feelings. I'm not saying I would ever leave Harry for Jamie, but maybe Jamie wasn't a bad guy, maybe he was actually- good...

I scanned the bar and that's when I saw him.

"Damon." His name fell from my lips, in such a volume it was almost unheard to the human ear. His eyes met mine, as he looked at me shocked. My mouth fell open, and my body went into shock. I shook my head 'No' Damon's head whipped to the left, and I saw Harry standing next to him, but facing towards the bar his head hung down, as I thought he was staring at his phone. I put my fingers to lip, as if to say zip them shut, and he nodded in agreement.

"Go." Damon mouthed. I nodded grabbing my handbag, and standing up. I went in the direction of the restrooms as Damon, distracted, Harry. I barged into the male restrooms, getting weird looks, but I ignored them and grabbed Jamie's arm.

"I don't want dinner, I want you." I whispered shakily. I actually was starving, but I needed to get out of here before Harry saw me.

"Babe-" he started.

"I want you now, Jamie." I pleaded. He smirked with a chuckle and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go." He sighed, seemingly annoyed, as he began dragging me out.

As we began to nearly run out of the restaurant, I felt my collar fall off the top of my shoulders. I bent over to get it, but then a white converse covered foot stepped on the edge I yanked ripping it in half, and squealed in shock. A familiar large hand grabbed the piece under his foot. I kept my head down, and cursed under my breath.

"I'm so sorry." His deep voice shattered my heart with sincerity.

"Keep it." I shouted running to the vehicle. I leaned against the side, my heart racing, and my mind wandering. Despite the similarities, I don't think he actually knew it was me.

"Ready?" he asked sounding just as nervous as I was.

"Go as fast as you can." I slammed the door closed as he sped off.

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