Long Niall Horan imagine: He hits you real bad

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You were chilling at home with your 1/7 children, Anya Jane Horan. She was a beautiful 13 year old girl that was about 5"6 tall and had beautiful silky, straight hair. It was the schools spring break and Anya had some homework to do. You were in the middle of helping her with some Maths problems when you felt your phone buzz. It was a text from your husband, Niall Horan. The text read, :

I'm on my way home now, sorry we had some rehearsals today and it took a while because we had to replace Liam's recording boom as it didn't work right. I'll be home at 8:30. Bye princess. Niall.

You now felt a bit strange because Niall didn't put any smiley's or kisses or funny remarks in that text at all. You began to wonder if he was just tired or if Harry stole his food or what. You began to drift off into your own wee world in your head.

"Mum? Mum? MUM?!" Anya snapped you out of your thoughts. "Yes honey?" you said. "You haven't spoken for a few minutes. I was just asking if you knew what this question was. It's a bit weird sounding and we haven't learnt it yet in school." You then looked at the question. It said:

Claire bought a new pair of shoes in the sales.

“They should have been £36,” Claire told her mum. “But I got them for £23.40.”

What was the percentage reduction in the shoe shop’s sale?

You were telling Anya how to work it out when you heard the front door open and footsteps walked in. It was Niall. He was home 5 minutes earlier than he said he would be. You heard him sigh loudly and angrily as he threw his shoes off. You walked out of the hallway and shut the living room door. As soon as he saw you his eyes turned dark and full of rage. You walk up to him and was about to pull him into a tight hug when he pushes you away. "Get off me, bitch," he snaps. "Niall what was that for?..." You began. He interupts "Just get out of my way, god," He only walks a few feet away from you before you try to hug him from behind before he spins around and launches a hand at you, only to send you flying down to the ground. A pain in your side overwhelms you now. Niall only walks away not saying or doing anything nor not even caring. You try to get up but you only cry out in pain as it overwhelms you again.

"Aghhhhh!!" You scream out. Anya opens the hallway door and runs to your help. "Mum?! What happened? Did you slip? Did you fall? What happened??!" She panics.

"Niall.. Niall..." You began. "What did dad do mum? Did he hit you?!" Anya panics again.

"Yes.. He... hit me.." You said in a shaken voice.

(A/N: That's the first part to it! There will be a part two which will be a bit more dramatic. I hope you enjoyed this my lovelies! Part 2 will be out soon!!)

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