Chapter 10

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*Jiya Pov*

I woke up hearing my alarm and then started to get ready. After I got ready, I heard the shouts, but these were worried shouts. I rushed outside my room to see my Mom sitting on the dining table crying.

While my Dad is standing beside her scolding her, but she just continued to release tears.

"Can't you be more careful?" Dad asked her.

"You have been asking the same question." Mom replied sniffing.

"Don't talk!" He said glaring at her and started applying something on her hand.

"Who asked you to boil water for me?" Dad added shaking his head.

"I know you want warm water to bath in this cold weather. I am trying to make sure you get them." Mom said and hissed when he applied ointment on her hand.

"Ahhh!" I screamed while holding the bowl and removed that from the stove before it can get burned.

"What happened?" Ajay asked, walking inside the house just then.

"I... I was trying to make your favorite dish for you know..." I trailed off and blew air on my hands.

"Are you mad? Who asked you to even cook?" he asked fuming.

"But..." I started to say, but she shook his head and walked outside the kitchen.

I followed him and saw him bringing some ointment from the first aid box. I felt little god thinking he will apply that for me.

"Apply this and don't enter the kitchen again. I will go and bring food for us." He said and walked outside.

I got confused and cried more applying the ointment. He must be really angry for hurting myself.

I just ruined our night by my stupidity. One day, I will cook delicious food for him, but for now I have to tend to these.

I walked inside our room and blew all the candles along with the flowers on the bed.

Even after some time when he didn't return I lay on my side of the bed.

I am sorry Ajay for disappointing you by getting myself into these stupid burns. I thought before drifting off into sleep.

"Dad! Don't scold Mom like that. No one gets those wontedly." I said fuming at him and sat beside her, taking away the ointment tube from him.

I blew a little and applied the ointment. Dad looked at me shocked and slowly mumbled "I was just worried for her."

"You should shout after tending the wounds and not before." I scolded him and finished applying it.

"Here! These are the saved money. Why don't you guys buy some second-hand heater maybe?" I asked taking out the money.

I should have thought about all this. We all were used to all these luxuries from staring, and a heater is not that luxury but still.

"They sell heating rod, which is cheap and good too. I will buy that, and it doesn't take that much money. But no one will touch it except me." Dad said, returning the money to me.

"Thanks Jiya." Mom said and then I remembered that she was also here.

"No need to say that Mom, but be careful next time. And just call me if there is any emergency." I said, getting up and took hold of my luggage.

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