Chapter 1

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“What did you take again?” Vicki asked me as we received our senior year timetables.

“French, Music, Drama and Art. How about you?” I responded. Usually, at the beginning of the school year we had loads to talk about, but not this time.

“Art, History, Italian and Media” she answered, equally as bored as I was.

You see, Vicki and I were in detention. The first day back and we were already being punished.

We’d also been grounded for the duration of summer vacation, so we did nothing and had nothing to discuss.

On the penultimate day of our junior year, me, Vicki and ours friends Mikey and Joel got into a bit of trouble.

Actually, a bit was a massive understatement to say the least.

We cut class, went to the pet store and bought ten rats. We then released them in various locations around the campus and drove everyone insane. It was honestly comical.

Then, when we didn’t get caught, we went another step further.

The night before the last day, we bought five tins of red paint. We egged all of the windows, TPed the statue out front and splashed four of the five tins around the school.

And then, the moment that was our downfall, was when we climbed into the top of the stage in the school assembly hall, waiting until the principal made a speech, and emptied the remaining can of paint all over his head.

We obviously got caught after that, but it was worth it.

Well, except for the fact that Mikey and Joel got transferred.

Because it was the last day, the school could do nothing and left our punishment until the beginning of this year.

Although, we did have to clean everything up over the summer. That was the last time we were ever all together in this school.

“I wonder who we’ll have for music. There’s a new teacher, right?” Vicki pondered to make conversation.

Nodding, I added, “yeah, there’s a new art teacher too. I met her on the way in this morning.”

We were meant to sit in the dull, metallic, monotonous detention room every morning before school, break time, lunch time and for an hour after school until Christmas.

How fun.

The bell sounded to signify first period, and we compared timetables.

“English literature,” we both sighed in unison. Neither of us was interested in academic subjects. We both preferred the arts.

“Who’s our teacher?” Vicki asked, straining a glance at the name code on the bottom of our timetable.


“I have actually no idea – think they’re probably new here” I stated, bored. We both knew that it would take a while to get back into a normal conversation.

“So, what did you actually do during the holidays?” Vicki asked curiously this time.

I laughed. “Shit all. Sat around the house, ate, read, slept and watched T.V.” I told her humorously.

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