Part 14

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I hummed to myself my head on Eugene's shoulder We (The try guys and I) were all in a circle on the floor. I had to stop them from going out in to the area where they were setting up.

"Have you boys been practicing?" I asked an eyebrow raised.

"Yessss" They all dragged out at the same time.

"It got boring" Keith said.

"What do you suggest we do then?" I asked them.

"Why don't you tell us about yourself?" Eugene suggested.

"Was this all a ploy to get me to open up?" I lifted my head from Eugene's shoulder.

"Kinda" Ned admitted.

"Well, I was born in New Zealand you know that its a pretty cool place" I shrugged my shoulders not sure what to say.

"Tell us about like your city or family or something like that." 

"I'm from New Brighton, Christchurch I have an older sister, I never knew my dad and my mum died a few years ago. I was in a earthquake and I don't know I never finished Uni" I laughed.

"Well" Keith kinda muttered not knowing what to say.

"Whats where you're from like?" Zach laughed trying to fill the awkward silence.

"Pfft I lived two streets away from the beach which was nice, but only on hot days because there's two main islands in NZ and I was in the south island which is the fur-" I stopped " Well I'm rambling now but just yeah it was cold all the fucking time."

"People are arriving, Time to put your heels on and such!" Someone called from the make-up room.

"Have fun I'm gonna find a seat,  Ashly" I smirked. Eugene stayed behind while the other boys left "Can I help you?" I asked tilting my head.

"Yes, You can." Eugene bent down a little but to kiss me but I lent back so he missed "Oh did I do something wrong?" he asked sarcastically.

"What if someone sees?" I pouted "And I might smudge your lipstick and then mayhem will yell at me."

"Just a peck" Eugene whispered keeping to our hushed tones.

"Okay" I got up on my tip toes and pecked his lips he put his arms around my waist and deepened it.

"I KNEW IT!!!" We heard Keith yelled making us jump from our embrace.

"Heyyy." I said Leaning on a wall, which I then slipped from and fell so Eugene caught me and It really made the whole thing even more awkward "So you didn't go put on heels and shit then? why don't you go do that"

"Can we talk more about this please?!" Ned almost screeched.

"How about after your show?" I asked not wanting to deal with this. it wasn't much but I just don't want to deal with it.

"Okay... But you are so lucky we have stuff to do" Keith said his drawn on eyebrows scrunched together.  

"We won't say anything" Ned said with a zipped motion over his lips before the two boys left the room, I noticed Eugene was still holding me up.

"You should go get ready" I said escaping his grasp.

"Yeah, I should" He gave my a quick peck on the check before leaving to go get his dress and all that. That sounded funny.

I walked out into the large room where the boys would be preforming. I guess when they said people were arriving it wasn't the real guests, just some people from work. I looked at the decorating job and It looked nice there were tables and chairs set up and I could see Ashly had already chosen where she was going to sit.

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