How Long Do I Have Left To Live...?

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So I decided I'd take a break from "Deep Web" stories tonight. Tonight, I will give you a true supernatural story that actually happened. I hope you enjoy it.
When I was younger, my friends and I would use this Ouija board to fool around and play with. We started getting cold spots. We decided to see what would happen if we put something in them. We put a lit candle in them. The candle blew sideways.

Knowing now this probably wasn't a fake, I decided to ask it a question to confirm it was indeed true.
"What was the name of the cruise ship I went on when I was eight?"
I was shocked to find out that it actually knew the name. But, this is when it begins to get scary.

We were asking the board how long we had to live. My friends got fifty, or sixty plus years of life to live. I went up to the board and asked it the same question. It said ten. I asked if it meant ten years. It said days.

At this point, I shit a brick and turned as white as a ghost. We proceeded to ask the spirit how I was going to die. It said I was going to be killed in a car crash by a girl named Emma. We ended the session and I went home.

I was really scared. I wanted to see if it was a one time thing, so I decided to go back to my friends house three days later. I drove to my friends house and we set up the board. We asked the same question. This time, it said I had seven days left.

This made me even more frightened, and I decided to check it out again two days later. We used the boat again. It said I had five days left.

I go home. I begin carrying a Bible and a huge cross with me everywhere I go. I was so afraid. Afraid I would die. That was something I didn't want to happen. I was way too young. Because of that fear, I decided I should tell my dad about what happened.

At first, he didn't believe me. I went on and on but he thought it was a ploy for me to get out of school. I began desperately thinking of ways to prove what I was saying was true. I made a homemade Ouija board out of a piece of paper and a CD.

It worked and my dad was creeped out. He said I didn't have to go to school the day I was supposed to die. I didn't go to school that day. Nothing happened. That board saved my life. Without it, I may be telling this story from a Ouija board right now.....
A true occurrence of a student and his friend with a Ouija board.
A brief summation of Ouija boards:
Ouija boards are objects that can supposedly contact the dead. People find this dangerous, as the board acts like a portal for sprits. If you use it, here are some rules I advise.

1. Don't be alone for obvious reasons.

2. If it makes a figure eight, stop the session immediately. Supposedly, it means the spirit is trying to escape the board.

3. DO NOT taunt it or act like a smart ass.

4. Have religious objects in the house.

The end of this creepypasta. I will definitely write another one tonight or tomorrow. Oyasuminasai!

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