Chapter 6

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"You look great, Mila. Soon enough you'll see who's the real father. Stop stressing about it. Okay?" Harry said, sitting on his bed as the girl looked at herself in the mirror.

"It's not that. It's just- I'm trying to remember the day it happened so I don't get my hopes too high over the other." Camila was in tears because of the constant frustration she had from trying to remember the day the seed went inside of her.

7 Months Ago - May (WARNING - SLIGHT G!P SMUT [ i tried keeping it light for you non-g!p readers ])

"I got recruited." Lauren nervously said, still holding the shorter girl in her arms as they watched TV.

Camila did a double take before realizing what the green eyed beauty had just told her. "What?" She turned her head to face Lauren.

"University of San Diego called me last night. They offered to pay my plane ticket and hotel fees if I agreed to go out there and train with them over the summer." Lauren looked down at Camila, who's smile was getting wider by the second.

"Babe! That's amazing!" Camila excitedly said, kissing Lauren on the lips repeatedly. "Wait," She pulled back. "The whole summer?"

Lauren's happy expression came back to a slight frown,"Yes."

Camila's heart sank. This summer they had planned to do everything they could before their Senior Year. "What about our list?"

"This one?" Lauren pulled the piece of paper out of her pocket.

Live concert!
- Go to the State Fair
- Go cliff jumping
- Skinny dip
- Road Trip to New York
- Camping
- Go to Disney World
- Try to teach Camila how to surf
- Teach Lauren how not ruin someone's perfectly amazing sand castle
- Fall even more in love ~

The two girls laughed as they read the list they wrote one random night alone after a football game.

"When are you leaving?" Camila gave puppy dog eyes.

"One month." Lauren lowly responded, noticing Camila getting sadder by the second. "But I promise you Camz that we will have all of the time in the world once I'm back. Okay?" She startled tickling the girl, getting constant laughs from her.

"Lauren! Laur- Lo! Stop!" Camila laughed in between giggles, as Lauren flipped over so now she was on top.

"Say you love me." Lauren pinned the girl down.

"Never" Camila joked, earning yet another tickle by the girl on top of her.

"Say you love me, Camz!" Lauren repeated as the two girls laughs started calming down, and their faces moved closer. "Because, I love you." She whispered.

"I'm in love with you Lauren Michelle Jauregui." Camila stated, before leaning back up to catch Lauren's lips. They kissed passionately, and eventually the chemistry between them turned into lust.

Lauren picked up Camila, making the girl straddle her as she walked to the bedroom.
Closing the door, the green eyed girl was taken by surprise when Camila pushed her up against the wall and continued their make out session.

Lauren moaned as the shorter girl subtly slid her hand into her pants, lightly grazing over her hard-on.

"Bed." She said as Camila continued to work her magic.

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