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It was a sunday night, I was sitting on my bed, On the computer which was laying in my lap, Having my phone in one hand so I can search the names of a camera my dad wanted me to search so they knew what to get me for Christmas which is months away.

My dad and cousin Aj enter the room admiring the job I did after spending all day rearranging it, Then my step sister Marissa enters the room and stands next to my cousin who is leaning on my dresser staring at the T.V..

My dad is sitting on my bed next to me surfing the channels for something to watch ,when all of a sudden marissa looks at me and glances down at my wrist.

I forgot that I took my bracelets off before my shower and didn't put them back on when I got out.

When marissa said " What happened to your wrist. " She stood there waiting for a response , my dad and cousin are still staring at the T.V. , Then finally I responded with a nervous laugh and said "Nothing" Staring at my phone to avoid any further eye contact with anyone in the room.

Second later she leaves my room I was relieved for a few minutes until she RETURNS WITH SOMETHING A LOT WORSE THEN MY BIGGEST FEAR .... MY STEPMOM.

A/N -I apologize if any part of this story offends you and im not really expecting anyone to read this story but it would. still be awsome if someone did. Please enjoy.

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