Chapter 20

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Aria snuggled closer into Ezra's side. She placed a soft kiss on his bare chest and then went up to his mouth.

"Mm." Ezra groaned.

"Good morning sleepyhead."

"Morning." He replied, hugging her tight.

They were suddenly interrupted by soft footsteps running towards them.

"good morning." Olivia's cheery voice greeted them.

"Morning baby."

Olivia jumped on the bed, sitting in between the two.

"I'm so glad you're here Mommy." Olivia said, giving her mother's cheek a soft kiss.

"I'm glad too sweetie." Aria confessed. "I love you and your Daddy so much."

"We love you too Mommy, right Daddy?"

"That's right. We love Mommy so so much." Ezra said, giving her lips a chaste kiss.

"Now I have both my Daddy and Mommy. We're a family."

"Yes, we are." Ezra smiled. "A family forever."

Aria's eyes shot open. She sat up, wiping off the sweat on her forehead. Once she realized what she had just been dreaming, she couldn't stop the smile forming on her face. They were a family. She knew she wanted that again. Why couldn't she just give in to her desires? A part of her knew why. Deep down she still thought Ezra had meant his words when he told her everything would be easier if she were dead. And although he'd apologized repeatedly, she was just scared. It'd been two weeks since they agreed to take things slowly, but she didn't think it'd be this slow. Sure, they went out as a family, but they kept their distance. Ezra wouldn't touch her at all. And to be honest, Aria needed his touch. A simple brush of their fingers or hell, even hand holding. But Ezra was doing what she had wanted, but it was driving her crazy.

Her thoughts were broken by the vibrating of her cellphone. She couldn't help but smile when she was who it was.


"Hey, did I wake you?"

"No. I was just getting ready to head down to the boutique. What about you? Did you drop Livs off at school?"

"Yeah. Now I'm heading down to work."

He paused briefly.

"So I was thinking, tonight I could take you and Olivia down to Philly for dinner and a movie?" He asked.

"Um, yeah. That sounds great."

"Great. Does six work for you?"


"Ok. Bye. I lov-" he paused. "I'll see you tonight."


Aria smiled as she hung up the phone. She couldn't wait for tonight. She loved when the three of them would do something together. It really did make them seem like a family and she couldn't wait until it was like that forever.

"Morning sunshine." Hanna greeted her, as she saw her come in.

Aria gave her a smile.

"Good morning. I brought coffee."

"Oh this is why I love you." Hanna thanked her.

"Tough night?"

"Yeah, I stayed up pretty late trying to come up with new designs. I would've finished earlier, but Maddie was feeling sick last night so she was a bit fussy."

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