Chapter 5

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The day after the State game, the group was able to see Austin in the hospital. He had a major concussion, broken collarbone, and slight spinal cord injury that would keep him in a back brace for the next seven weeks. This meant he wouldn't be able to play in the National Championships that was scheduled in thirteen days.

Austin broke up with Camila officially when he got out of the hospital, but only requested one thing: Not to date Lauren (or anyone else for that matter) until they all find out who's baby it is. 

He promised to not date Becky in return as well.

Camila agreed, and the two possible 'Father's' also planned to continue to help raise money for the baby in secret.

The group was happy and better than ever, even though the pregnant girl had to take her classes from her own bed that still remained in Austin's home.

The next week, Lauren and Austin took a day off practice to take Camila to get a check up on the baby for the first time since her last visit in June.

"Ready?" Austin turned around in his seat to look at his pregnant-ex.

"I don't really have a choice now, do I?" Camila nervously responded as the two helped her out of the car.

The trio made their way into the building. They did the same routine as any other doctor visit; sign in, wait for their name to be called, feel awkward in the waiting room and just blankly stare at the ground for the time being.

"Cabello, Camila?" A doctor came through the door.

The three all stood up and followed the doctor to the back room.

"Alright so I don't really let anyone else besides the father come into the check up but I'm just guessing you're here for moral support so I'll let it slide." The doctor sat on his chair, telling Lauren.

"Sorry Doctor.. Mendez? But Lauren's here because there's also a possibility that she could be the father, and not me." Austin stood up for the girl, getting a surprised look from the elder man.

"Well my apology then. To make your lives easier, there is a medical facility up the street that will give you all a paternity test. But they usually charge up to $250 for each person." He said, putting his gloves on. "Alright Miss. Cabello, this might be a little bit cold." The doctor put on a liquid onto Camila's stomach for the ultrasound. 

He got another tool out and placed it on top of the liquid as the three teens watched the screen carefully.

"For not having regular check-ups, your daughter looks healthy and normal." Doctor Mendez told the girl.

"Daughter?" Lauren's voice was barely audible as she looked at the screen. Her hopes for a girl came true, and she was almost in tears.

"Congratulations, it is a girl." The elder man reassured the three as he cleaned up the rest of his tools. "Do you have any other questions before I see you again?"
Camila stood back up with the help of Lauren and Austin.

"I feel like I'm gaining a pound each day and I feel like I'm twice as big as other women." Camila shyly said.

"It's because your body normally has a small frame. Nothing to worry about. Just continue to eat right and stay away from anything other than Advil and Motrin if you feel pain. Good luck with the paternal tests if you decide to get them, and I will see you in a month." Doctor concluded, shaking the three teens hands before leaving.


"I can't afford it. Or anywhere else really." Zayn covered his eyes as he sat down on the bleachers.

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