Chapter 4

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"Hey there stranger." Lauren came up to Camila who was cooking in Austin's kitchen alone.

"How'd you get in here?" Camila said, clearly startled.

"I'm a secret agent, I must not reveal my ways." Lauren joked, getting a little laugh from the shorter girl. "Just kidding. Austin wanted to see me so here I am. But clearly he isn't here yet so.. Whatcha doin?"

"Cooking. Or at least trying to," She pointed at the burnt pancakes and other ingredients laid out on the counter, while Lauren noticed how frustrated she looked.

Hoping to make her mood change, the green eyed girl got some whip cream and swipe some on Camila's cheek.

"You did not just-" Her eyes narrowed, realizing what Lauren just did. Calmly, she got two eggs for each of her hands and cracked it on top of Lauren's head.

"It's so on." Lauren said. The two smirked, grabbing more handfuls of food and throwing it at each other non-stop.

Lauren caught Camila off guard and took hold of both of her hands. The chemistry was there again; and they both felt it. Camila stepped closer to Lauren who now had uneven breaths. The space in between got smaller and smaller, and finally-

"What.. the hell" Austin stood at the door with a box full of items. The two girls in front of him jumped at his voice and acted like they weren't about to kiss.

"I'll clean this up." Camila grabbed paper towels and kneeled to the ground as Austin talked to Lauren in another room.


"Austin found out about the fundraising." Lauren told her work out partner and best friend Zayn as he finished his last set of bench presses. She found out from her conversation with Austin earlier.

"And?" He asked, switching spots with Lauren as she laid down on the platform.

"He wanted the money to go straight to Camila and the baby." The girl shrugged as she grabbed the bar and started her set.

"Do you think he knows?" Zayn asked, confusing Lauren.

"Knows about what?"

"Come on Lauren, you're my best friend. Did you honestly think that I didn't know what was going on between you and Cabello last year?" He laughed.

"In that case, no I don't think he knows. Camila doesn't know how to tell him either."

"So there's a chance that the baby is yours.." Zayn asked as Lauren finished her work out. She nodded in response, confirming that it was true. "No wonder why you've been going all out to help them. Whoever's kid it may be, I'm proud of you." He continued, spraying water from his bottle onto Lauren, resulting in the two to playfully wrestle in the basement of her father's house.

The new school week was also known as Hell Week. The State Championship game was on Friday and everyone at the school was ready to take down their rivals.

On Monday, it started with 'field day' which was a small excuse for the students to spend their day at the tiny carnival in the school's parking lot.

Tuesday was the burning of the Oak Hills High School football jersey before classes started.

On Wednesday, there were pranks by the Pirates. The football field had a big "Pirates" logo on it from spray paint, and they even managed to place a flag on one of the building's.

On Thursday, there was a pep rally where the Riverbanks football team revealed the capturing of their rival schools mascot and got the whole student body in the mood for the game the next night.

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