Rant inspired by: ghost_king_64 and DreamingOfParamore

Ah, Pokémon. I remember watching the anime as a kid. 

That is to say, 4th grade. But I have never actually played the games. Yeah, when I first got my Nintendo DS, the first game I got was The Suite Life of Zack and Cody: Circle of Spies.

......You may now proceed to call my eleven year old self an idiot.

Anyway. Let's talk about the anime. And quick question: where the hell is Brock (Takeshi) in the new season of Pokémon?

Like no. I couldn't care less if Misty (Kasumi), May (Haruka) and Max (Masato) or Dawn (Hikari) got replaced. They were all good characters so I can't complain. But the news one are so bland and uninteresting.

And seriously, Ash (Satoshi)? How the hell are you not aging? Then again, while the series is spanned for over 10 years, I'm gonna assume that the timeline in the series is one - two years. I could be wrong.

I really need to watch the Japanese subs of at least one season of Pokémon.

The fandom. Not too many shipping wars, but from what I have seen and know about I haven't seen much. And that's a probably a good thing. But most people in the fandom hate the anime, thinking that Pikachu is the most OP Pokémon in the series when in reality is the most useless one. I haven't played the games so I can't say too much about that.

But according to DreamingOfParamore"[The shipping wars]; yeah they're not good, but Amour v Pokeshipping is amusing to watch. Pokemon wise: actually most people think Pikachu is terrible as a Pokemon in the anime. I won't get into the details because you haven't played the games, but if the anime world resembles anything of the game world, THEN THERES ABSOLUTELY NO REASON PIKACHU SHOULD BE AS WEAK AS IT IS, and I though that was a generally accepted opinion."

The fanfic is definitely an interesting one. Not that I read too many of them, but I heard about a Phan and Pokemon crossover. More specifically, Dan Howell was reading out a passage in one of his videos.

I'm laughing, oh my god. The amount of "Phan" fics that I see on Wattpad....and the fact that he actually acknowledges it with Phil....

But that's a rant for another time.

Hope you enjoyed this rant! HTTYD is coming up next! :D

Comment below and tell me what you think! Or you can request on a fandom to rant on or a specific thing that is a Wattpad annoyance!

Sayonara! I'm may not make that many rants due to college but keep a look out! I'm may put one out unexpectedly. Sayonara! :D

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