Angelic Sins: Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

No notice is taken of a little evil, but when it increases it strikes the eye. -Aristotle

I feel the warm afternoon breeze across my face as I stare at the playground. The kids playing, it is so peaceful, so relaxing. I can’t think of a better place to spend the day than with the youth of the living.

                They play so innocently. They don’t know of the evils that lurk here at night, unaware of what goes on around them. I was that naive once. Even when I saw it right in front of me, I still don’t believe it.

                I remember watching as they drained the life out of my fiancé. That’s when the nightmare became very real. I remember that night well now. It was the last day of my short life. I ran as fast as I could, how foolish was I? A human can’t run from a vampire.

                It feels as if it were yesterday. I ran into someone, a good-looking man. I thought he was there to help me. Instead he hit me. He picked me up off the ground and held my arms behind my back. The vampire that killed my fiancé walked up to me. I remember the worst pain, yet ecstasy, surge through my neck. Then I felt another on the back of my neck from the one holding me.

                I think that’s why the angel’s chose me. I have experience with vampires. After all, they killed me. I hoped so much when I entered the realm, that my fiancé would be there waiting for me, but he was already on missions away from me. They kept him from me, saying he wasn’t meant for me.

                It does not matter now; I have my own mission now. I am now alone. Everyone in the park has left. Nightfall is coming. I know what I must do. I have to kill him. I don’t want to. I don’t agree with it. I can feel that he is different, but it’s not my place to judge. He’s vampire. He’s a killer; his kin have killed me. He must die.

                I stand up and feel the cool breeze across my face. If I were human I would be shivering with my lack of clothes. It almost looks like I’m in a white one-piece bikini, yet its material is cloth diamond. I have robes on to cover my wings and for a hood to cover my hair. Tonight I packed extra to be sure I could complete my mission.  At my side is the holy sword. It is like stabbing them through the heart with holy water. My belt is also packed with stakes.

                I hear chaos in the shadows. I begin pacing into the darkness making the only sound my heels clanking on cement. I remember back when I was a human and heels would hurt, another luxury of being an angel.

                In an alley now I walk soft against the asphalt. I pass a dumpster as the streetlights become seldom. I hear a scream down the alley and start running.

                I see them, three male vampires as they antagonize a poor woman. I stop running now as I walk towards them. They stop terrorizing the woman and look at me.

                “Let her go,” I speak.

                One of the vampires walks towards me. He looks human with long blond hair and a goatee. That is until he got close enough to change forms. His long teeth come out and wrinkles appear by his jawbone. I take a step back as he jumps at me. I let him get too close to me to run away as I pull out my sword. I feel the cold metal handle in my grip as it goes through his chest and he disintegrates into dust.

                I watch as the last two drop the girl and step towards me. The woman quickly runs, but they don’t pay her any more attention. They both stare at me with their cold eyes. Both men are muscular and good looking with long brown hair. All vampires have a higher level of attraction, as their features are toned during the transformation.

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