Chapter 27-Fighting for My Alpha

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Chapter 27-Fighting for My Alpha

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Madison's POV

"So I heard that Blake has been staying at your house," Eileen comments as we walk into school together. It has been almost a week since Blake moved into my house and it hasn't really been a secret. Of course word spread around the school fairly quickly, but I don't really care. People can think whatever they want to think.

Eileen and I haven't talked that much since she's been with Josh every day and I've been with Blake.

I can tell that something is different about her, especially because she's glowing and she's all smiles. I'm sure Josh at least marked her, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had already mated. I'm happy for her. I've never seen her smile so much or look so radiant.

It's also been a week since I've been at school since I've had to train some more. Every day, all day. My skills have been gradually getting better which is really exciting, even though I'm tired and my muscles are sore.

I can hear a lot more and my vision is a lot clearer. My sense of smell has gotten better, and I'm starting to understand what my dad was saying when he said that everyone has a different scent. Being in school and smelling all these different scents is kind of confusing and overwhelming since I've only memorized my moms, dads, Blake's, Eric's and now Eileen's.

I've gotten a lot stronger, physically and mentally, and I'm glad that I'll be able to protect myself. 

Training has been going smoothly since we've been able to avoid Blake's parents and Samantha. I won't be able to avoid her for too much longer since she started school while I was training.

Apparently she decided to make her stay here a little more permanent. She called her dad and told him she found her mate and she wanted to stay and finish the school year before they head back to her pack.

She's delusional if she thinks that I'm gonna let her get within 10 feet of Blake.

I know he wouldn't do anything, but she's a completely different story and I don't trust her at all. Who knows what she will try during her stay here? She's desperate so I wouldn't put anything past her.

I'm hoping I won't have to see too much of her, but something in me tells me that she's going to try and seek me out. If that's the case, I'll be ready for it.

Throughout the training my dad has said that its obvious that I have Beta blood running through me because of how fast I've been learning things. I don't think I've ever seen him so proud of me and whenever I see him smile at me after I learn something, I can feel a warmth spread across my body.

It's always so nice to know you make your parents proud.

My fight with Eric that I had yesterday was about evenly matched, even with his werewolf strength. That's a huge improvement because when we first started, I could barely even touch him, and I knew he was going easy on me.

I think he was more shocked than I was when I was able to knock him on the ground.

My dad told me its because I have werewolf genes and I'm the daughter of a Beta and now I'm mated to an Alpha.

I could see the pride, mixed with the shock, in his eyes which just made me even happier. It's nice to know that at least some people in the pack approve of you.

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