Chapter 17

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"Ezra." She whispered. "What are you doing here?"

Aria picked at her nails nervously, looking everywhere but at him.

"Didn't you read my note?" Ezra smiled.

He gently tilted Aria's chin so she was now looking at him.

"So?" He smiled. "Is that a yes for the picnic?"

Aria gave him a small nod.


"Let me just grab a hoodie or something, it's already getting a bit cold."

Ezra nodded as he took a seat on her couch.

"Who has Olivia?" Aria asked, pulling the Hollis hoodie over her head.

"Mom has her."

"Oh." Aria simply said.

"Yup. So are you ready?"


"After you."

After a very awkward and quiet thirty minutes of driving, they finally arrived at the park they both loved. Aria got out of the car, hugging herself as a wave of nostalgia suddenly hit her. She slowly looked around, taking in all her surroundings.

This park had always been a favorite to them both. That's what led to it being the place where Olivia was conceived. And due to that, back when Aria was pregnant, they would both come and take late night walks. Even when Olivia was born, every Saturday morning, they would go out for breakfast, and then drop by the park. Sure, Olivia was still very young at the time to play, the most she would do was go on the baby swing, but it was the time the three of them spent together, as a family, that mattered most.

"Hey, are you Ok?" Ezra asked.

She wiped away the tear that had managed to escape, before looking back at Ezra.

"Yeah." She whispered. "This place just brings back a lot of memories."

"I know." Ezra replied.

He walked closer to her, taking her hands in his.

"But that's why I chose this place. It's special to the both of us. And what better place to talk when there's no one around us to interrupt."

"You're right. But, just being here," She sighed. "I get so many mixed emotions."

"Me too. I haven't been here since the day before you left."


"Yeah, just driving past it was too hard, never had the strength to bring Livs back here."

Aria slipped her hands out of Ezra's and looked away.

"I'm sorry." Aria whispered. "I'm so so sorry."

"Aria." He said gently. "Let's just talk. We both need it."

Aria nodded. They both walked back to the car, gathering all they'd be needing. After about a five minute walk, they finally reached their tree. Saying it wasn't awkward, would be lying. Under that very same tree, more than five years ago, their daughter had been created. It wasn't awkward when they were still together, as it just brought back that very passionate and memorable night.

But now, under the circumstances they were in, it felt weird. Ezra laid out the blanket, while Aria continued to look around. Feeling curious, she walked to the trunk of the tree, looking for something she wasn't sure would still be there. Finally reaching it, there it was. Already starting to fade, but it was still there. She traced the wood carved heart gently, smiling as she did so.

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