She laughed, like actually laughed before taking a deep breath, "please drop me off at the next station, I don't want to be stuck with a guy so full of himself." She said, and my jaw almost dropped. Whao there miss sass! "You're being a little mean, don't you think?" I said instead, I completely let my guards down, and she took advantage of it. "No, to be honest, I think I'm only being straightforward, and the truth can hurt sometimes." she said. Okay, I wasn't going to let this girl stay in my car any longer. I parked to the side just when it started raining, and leaned across her to open her door, "get out." I said, she reached a hand out and rain drops fell into her palm. "You're dropping me off here?" she asked, and when I didn't answer, she reached for my jacket around her shoulders and pulled it off, "thanks, jerk." she said as she threw the jacket into the backseat and stepped outside, it only took her a few seconds to become wet. I tried my best to ignore her. Who was she for me to worry about her anyways? How could Kai become friends with this kind of human being? I closed the passenger door and started driving away from her while watching her getting soaked through my rear-view mirror, I didn't realize that I was slowing down until another car's lights started flashing at me, and I saw the driver parking his vehicle at where I had left Diane. I hit the brakes and watched as the guy got out of his car and ran towards breath got caught in my lungs,

Diane Kim was lying on the floor.


"Are you her sibling?" 


"Perhaps, a relative?"

"Definitely not."

The receptionist has grown frustrated with my one word answers, it wasn't my fault that she didn't know how to answer a fucking proper question! I was already worried enough about what happened with Diane Kim.

"Can I see her now please?" I asked, the sulky woman pulled her eyeglasses down the edge of her nose as she sized me up and down. "Your relationship with the patient please?" she asked again, and I smacked my forehead. This wasn't going to work out anytime soon. "Jesus woman! I'm her fucking boyfriend, alright? just let me see her already!" I slammed both of my hands on top of the desk, and she seemed to be taken aback a little. She reached around for some paper and slid it on the desk in front of me. "What the hell is this?" I asked while she fetched a pen from somewhere, "I said, what the hell is this?" I asked again, and she pushed the paper closer to me. "If you are her boyfriend, then you might want to take responsibility for your actions." What the hell was this crazy person talking about?  "What actions?" I tried to keep calm as she answered, "your girlfriend," she pointed at something in the paper, "is 3 weeks pregnant." 


Okay, breathe in, breathe out. Diane Kim was fucking pregnant! "she's pregnant," I said in a daze and she nodded. I lifted up 3 fingers, "in her 3rd week?" I asked again, she kept nodding with a sour expression. "Holy fuck," I breathed out. "Language, sir!" the woman warned, she didn't have a problem with my used language earlier, what the fuck changed now? Oh I know, the fact that I'm becoming a father! at fucking sixteen! what the hell was I saying? I wasn't the actual father of the child. Wah, Diane Kim, your innocent looks are surely deceiving. "C-c-can I see her now?" I stuttered, and the woman looked at me irritably then pointed at the paper with her chin, "sign the paper first." she ordered. I rolled my eyes and grabbed the damn pen from her. What was this piece of shit about anyway? I couldn't care less really, I had to see Diane Kim and ask who the hell got her into such a mess! I quickly signed the paper and asked for the room number, before the sour woman ushered me to the end of the hallway where Diane Kim laid resting there.

I finally reached her room and took a deep breath before knocking on the door. When there was no response, I decided to just walk in, and found her lying in bed with her eyes closed, still asleep. So I quietly grabbed a chair from the corner and placed it beside her bed, watching her carefully as she fell into a deep slumber. "What bastard did this to you?" I said as I moved a strand of hair away from her face, then tucked both of my hands into the pocket of my jeans. What was she going to do? was the guy going to take responsibility? does she even know that she's pregnant?  I couldn't help but question what the hell would happen next, should I call Kai? they seemed pretty close from what I saw in his house and at school, perhaps he knew who the guy was and they would all work their shit out eventually without me having to interfere. It wasn't even my baby nor my business! but here I was, staring down at a sleeping Diane Kim whose future seemed to be holding so much for her. I reached for my cellphone in my back pocket to dial Kai's number just when Diane opened her eyes and they searched the hospital room first before falling on me, "Baekhyun," she said, completely surprised, "what am I doing here?" she asked, and I didn't know whether I should tell her the news or not. I decided not to for the time being. "Hey, you feeling well?" I asked, and she carefully nodded. "A little light headed that's all." She said, "didn't you throw me out of your car?" she added, and I smiled apologetically at her, "sorry." was all that I managed to say. She didn't say anything back as she slowly tried to set her self up straight on the bed, I reached for her elbow and helped her out. 

"Thanks," she murmured before I settled back into my seat beside her bed. "Why am I here?" she asked a little bit after, and all kinds of scenarios started running through my head at once. What should I tell her? that the weather was too cold outside? but didn't she used to live overseas? cold weather wouldn't be a problem for her. "You weren't feeling well I guess, so you fainted." I tried to sound as nonchalant as I possibly could, but my voice came out heavy with concern. I still didn't get to dial Kai's number. "Just like that?" she asked, I wasn't sure whether she believed me or not. "Yup." I replied, and she nodded while looking down at the IV attached to her fragile hand, then looked back at me, "it was probably nothing." She said, and I was the one left confused. Could she possibly know that she was pregnant but didn't want to tell me? or did she really not know that she was? In both cases, I wasn't going to leave her alone like this.

"Are you and Kai close?" my question seemed to catch her off guard, but she quickly recovered as she answered. "Kind of." She simply said, "do you two like, share secrets and stuff?" Seriously, Baekhyun? how fucking genius. "what are we, elementary kids?" she giggled softly and I realized that she does have a great laugh. I smiled, "no, I just...never mind." I said, and she shrugged her shoulders with a soft smile on her face. "You know," she suddenly spoke after a good minute of silence. "I haven't been in a hospital for more than a year," she said, and I found myself listening intently to her. When I didn't say anything, she went on, "I lost my mother to brain cancer about a year ago," her voice cracked, but she continued. "I lived with her in Canada while she got her chemo therapy, my dad and my sister had to stay here for my dad's work, and when she was...gone, I came back, and well, here I am, back in a hospital." she laughed it off but I knew that she really wasn't laughing, it hurt. I couldn't exactly feel what she felt since I never experienced such a great loss, but for some reason, my heart ached for her, and when a tear slipped down her face, I found myself wiping it away using my thumb before reaching to stroke her tear-stained cheek with my hand, "it will be okay," she stared at me with the same sad look in those oh-so dark eyes, "I promise." I said.

Have I ever been in love?

that was a question I really wanted to know the answer to.

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