Chapter 1

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The song that is playing in the beginning should be on the side. It's called "Alone and Forsaken" by Hank Williams.

Our silver Volvo speeds down the highway with rain pouring down on our windshield. The rain pours down heavily on us, making my father turn up our windshield wipers speed to the maximum setting.

"Oh, where has she gone to, oh, where can she be." Hank William's voice is playing loudly, through the radio, to block out the sounds of the storm.

A loud noise echoes throughout the abandoned road. I snap my head around and I see, out the back window, a fallen tree. The tree lies in the middle of the road, broken in half. After a few seconds the tree is gone – lost behind us.

"She may have forsaken some other like me."

We're in the thick of the storm. I can only see about five feet in front of the car, and I doubt my mother or father can see much farther. Even with our brights on, it doesn't seem to help.

"She promised to honor, to love and obey."

My father pushes the rim of his bent spectacles onto the bridge of his nose, squinting to see farther in the rain. He pushes his black hair, that's in shambles, and holds onto the steering wheel with an iron grip.

I never see my father much, considering he's working most of the time – but when I do, it's normally something I never forget. The last time we went on a father-daughter date was when we went to watch a roller derby. I have never gone to see one before, but I really enjoyed it.

"Each vow was a plaything that she threw away."

My mother reads her phone, telling my father directions. Her hair is twisted in a light-brown braid, that's resting on her shoulder. Her green eyes focus on her phone, occasionally peering up at the road.

"The darkness is falling, the sky has turned gray."

A gust throws sleet across the windshield, blinding us, but with the wiper's next stroke we can see the road clearly again.

The car lurches and skids onto a wooden structure. For a moment, I can see water – a river. I can feel the wheels grip wooden planks and then feel them lock.

Desperately my father turns the wheel, trying to swerve out of the grip of the bridge but there is no room. Another gust of wind sends sleet across the windshield and no one can see.

"A hound in the distance is starting to "bay"."

And all at once we were falling, crashing through the guardrail of the bridge. The car is falling and I can see a flash of light – lightning. A sickening feeling fills my stomach. The car is spinning and dropping, all at once, and suddenly the car hits the water.

"I wonder, I wonder - what she's thinking of."

The river wells up around us and everything around us seems to disappear. A window shatters to my left as it is stuck by debris, and then another – my father's window. Dark water gushes across me, along with glass – cutting my skin like ice. I can't see; I can't get out.

I can hear screams, as the car sinks to the bottom of the river, and I realize that they are my own.

"Forsaken, forgotten - without any love."

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