Chapter 1 - This is My Perception of What's Going Wrong.

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[Mitch's POV]

All i can remember is riding my motorcycle down the street, everything being all blurry.

It wasn't until everything became black like someone turned off a light switch and then i open my eyes and see I'm standing in a hospital room. I can see doctors frantically trying to help someone, the droning continuous beep of a monitor, meaning that whoever these guys were helping was gone.

"We're loosing him!!" one shouted.

After a while, the long beep still continued. I stood there watching as if i was invisible to them. It was then the beep stopped since a nurse turned off the machine.

"Doctor, the wife and band mate are in the waiting room now," a nurse said.

"Band mate??" i asked, now curious on who died. They ignored me, or probably didn't hear me.

"Well, we did all we could to save him," the doctor said.

"Save who?? Who are you gu-" i said, moving up to see the face, only to be holding my breath at seeing the dead guy on the table, face cut up, and blood all over.

I was looking at myself.

 "W-What..." i said, shocked, feeling bile build up in my throat. Something is wrong, this must be a dream. I can't be dead. 

I pinch myself, even punch myself a bit. But this was real.

"I'll deliver the news to the wife," the doctor sighed and then walked out. 

"Wife..... Jolie!!!" I shouted and ran outside, past teh doctor to the waiting room. Jolie was there, along with Alex.

"Jolie, look I'm here!!" i shouted, but she didn't even stir, not even Alex, who was helping her keep calm.

"Mitch Lucker," the doctor called.

Oh no, don't tell her. I thought

Jolie and Alex get up and walk up to the doctor nervously.

"Yes??" Jolie answered meekly.

Don't say it....

"I am sorry. We did all we could," the doctor said sadly.

"Oh god," Alex muttered and Jolie covers her mouth and starts sobbing.

I then feel tears form in my eyes as i reach to take Jolie's hand, but i couldn't grab it. Her hand just slipped through mine.

The last thing she said to me was to come back, but..... I didn't.

What... have I done??

"I'm so sorry, Jolie," i cried softly.

Wait... Something occured to me.....



As i said before, this story will cause tears and sorrow. I decided to start a fan fic of Mitch Lucker. It's not a love story, but it is a story of friendship and remembering, mystery and revenge, and second chances and good choices. I won't accept negative comments.

Give me feedback, please. ^.^=

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