The Ends Are Always Hard (A Harry Styles Imagine)

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You and Harry got into a fight and you had stormed out of the house crying. Harry was to upset to do anything so he just went outside on the balcony and watched the lights. He was still upset about 2 hours later but he was starting to get worried when you hadn't returned home. He got up and tried to call you but you didn't answer, thinking you were still mad at him he didnt call you again for another hour. An hour later and it was midnight, Harry was really freaking out wondering why you were so mad at him and so he started calling you again. He called you ten times with no answer before he gave up and punched the wall in frustration. He went back onto the balcony and yelled into the air asking why you wern't answering. In the middle of panicing and freaking out he heard "Harrrryyyyy your phone is ringingggg, so answer it"  it was his personal ringtone you had made him on your 2 month anniversary and he hadn't changed it since. He walked over to it thinking it was you and he quickly answered it. "Harry? Harry Styles?" a man on the other line asked.

"Yes? who is this?" Harry replied.

"Mr.Styles I'm sorry to inform you but y/n was hit by a drunk driver and is now at the hospital" the man explained.

Harry droped to his knees taking in what he just heard.

"W-what hospital is s-she in?" he stuttered out not being able to breathe.

The man told him what hospital and and hung up. Harry droped the phone, ran to his car, and drove as fast as he could to the hospital. He ran in yelling at everyone asking what room you were in and when the receptionist told him he ran up the 6 flights of stairs not wanting to waste time in the elevator. He ran down the hall looking for your room and when he found it he quietly walked in. He saw you laying on the hospital bed with bandages on your left arm and right thigh, and a cast on your left leg. He saw cuts all over your face and dry blood in your hair. He fell to his knees this time he was crying so hard he couldn't see. He calmed down, wiped away his tears which were still flowing down his face, and walked over to your side, and gently touched your face when he got to you. The doctor walked in and started talking,

"Mr. Styles I'm so sorry... y/n and the baby did not make it".

Harry looked up at the doctor confused,

"The baby? She wasn't pregnant" he said.

"Yes she was, she was about 3 weeks pregnant.... I'm so sorry... you can say goodbye but you'll have to leave in an hour" The doctor informs Harry with sympathy.

Harry broke down, "Why wouldn't you tell me you were pregnant? Why wouldn't you tell me y/n? WHY!?" he asked getting more and more upset. He sat there crying and crying so much that by the time he had to leave he needed an escort to lead him out due to the fact he couldn't see from the tears. "I love you y/n I love you so fucking much but you left me! I was so upset and I didn't chase after you. If I had just listened to what you were going to say you wouldn't be gone!!" He said before he left the room. He was escorted all the way home. where the other boys were waiting for him. They had heard about what happened and wanted to be there for him. Harry just pushed them away and cried himself to sleep on the bed you both shared, while holding a bear he bought you because it had your scent.

Two days had passed since the accident and Harry couldn't find himself getting out of bed. He finally gathered enough strength to get up and use the restroom. When he went into the bathroom after washing his face, he saw a letter behind the faucet. The letter had "To Harry" written on the front, Harry cried seeing it was in your handwriting. He couldn't bring himself to read it so he took it with him back to bed. He quickly fell asleep but woke up a short time later from a nightmare. He looked around and saw the letter so he decided to finally read it...

"Dear Harry,

I don't know why I said dear haha I mean I love you and this is an extremely important letter but i don't wanna call you dear so let me start over....

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