Ass Back Home♥-Wesley Stromberg One Shot

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  She saw him Yesterday. Yesterday was the last day she would see him until god knows when.. He told her "We both knew this type of life didn’t come with instructions. I am sorry Amanda I'll be back soon I promise".. But how soon? He may have left yesterday but she already missed him and she wants his ass back home. She dosen't even know where he is going.......  

I don’t know, where you’re going Or when you’re coming home I left the keys under the mat to our front door For one more chance to hold you close I don’t know, where you’re going Just get your ass back home   ....  

She sat in her room all day in bed with a cup of tea on the bed side table and a book in her hands. She had nothing to. No one to call. She could call him but he probably wouldn't answer. When ever he goes away he never calls or texts amd doesnt dare answer her texts or calls..She was used to this though. He had done this before but only for 2 weeks. Both times! But this time its different. Its very different...  

That was last November, now December’s almost gone  

Its been over a year since he has been gone. She got 4 calls from him out of that entire year. She kept up to date with him due to the fact he was now on her tv. She had faith in him and stood by him and he was thankful for that. She loves him. He loves her. Why do you think she is sticking around. He use to ask him self that but now he sees that she loves him. Other girls would have fled. But she won't. Your'e amazing to him.  

And you’ve been nothing but amazing And I never take that for granted Half of these birds would have flew the coop But you, you truly understand it And the fact you stood beside me, Every time you heard some bogusness  

She is always hearing shit about him like how he is insane with smoking and drinking every night but she knows him. She knows the real him. She knows the truth none of that bougus shit.   ..

For the past year she has been waiting for him to come home and he has given her no sign of that but she knew he would be coming home soon. He had to! But she was loosing hope.... She couldn't sit in their house for another year just waiting and wondering. She was done....But thing is she did not want to be...  

I don’t care why you’re leaving You’ll miss me when you’re gone  

He called her. She told him she was leaving. He said he didn't care but that was the alcohol talking. He was going to miss her when she was gone.  She had spent the day packing. Missing him. Thinking of him. Thinking of where she would go. What is her next move. Can she live with out him? Real question.. Could he live with out her... Well they have both been doing that for more than a year..   

As she finished she zipped her bags up she placed them in her car and wento lock the door. She heard the door lock and new that was the last time she would lock that door. She lifted the door mat and placed the pair of keys right next to the pair she left their a year ago for him.....   

As she walked down the steps to her car she stuffed her hands in her pockets but before she reached her car she felt a hand thouch her arm. She turned to see him. She didn't know weather to smack him and yell at him or to smile and throw her hands around his neck. But she felt her self smile. He pulled her into him and kissed her head. She was much shorter than so he picked her up and she knew to wrap her legs around his waist.   

"My ass is home" he said

"I know. I can see that.." she smiled a small smile She was still mad at him...  

No one hold me down like you do sweetheart You keep doing that, I keep doing this We’ll be alright in the end Trust that We put the us in trust, baby  

He saw this and he set her on the ground but still had his hands around his waist.  

"Babe..." he started   

She cut him off "What took you so long?"  

Thats all she said. Thats all that took for the tears to form.   He was upset he didn't wanna see her like that. He knew she would be a little upset. He looked to her car and saw the luggage... Than he remembered. The drunken phone call! She said she was leaving. He said he didn't care! He looked to her again. He saw love and hurt in her eyes. He only wanted to see love.   

"Don't leave me"

"Wesley I can't do this anymore.."  He looked down  

"I know its your job but I am your girlfriend. I love you and I would like to see you every week! Not just for one week and have you leave for a year!" the tears fell.

He looked up. In an instant he pulled he into him!

"Amanda babe! I love you so much and I want you to know that I agree its crazy what I am doing but it is my job but I want to let you know that it will change. Can you trust me?"   

She pulled away from him.. She looked into his eyes and saw determination,love,sadness, and hope. Than she remembered back to what Wesley always says to her   

We put the us in trust, baby  


"I do trust you" she said as a smile grew on her face. He smiled wide and pulled her into a kiss.  ....

 She had to trust him. She had hope. She loves him. And he was right everything got better. She didn't have to wait anymore for his ass to come back home. He was hers. She was his. No more long nights alone. No more year long trips. They were normal. And together!

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