Leant back in the swivel chair, I tapped on the mouse again and brought up the print icon. Of course, now the printer had to decide to stop working.

An email notification popped up in the corner of the screen. There was no subject title, only an attachment.

"Taylor, you're sat right next to me."

"It's more fun to email you," Taylor kept his face staring at the computer screen, though I could see the flicker of a smirk.

"If you think I'm gonna click on that email for another picture of that pepper frog-"

"Pepe. And yeah, I think you will. You just can't help yourself..."

He emphasised the final words, snapping out an arm at the last second and clicking on the email notification. It flashed up onscreen with another picture of that frog thing.

"Stop!" I pushed a hand onto his retreating arm, "It's alright for you. You've finished. I can't get my spreadsheet to  print!"

"Why don't you just email it to me?"

"Hadn't thought of that," Opening up the offending email, I quickly hit reply and attached my own work.

Once I'd clicked send, I watched Taylor's screen. Unfortunately, where the notifications popped up was also where the time was displayed, dangerously near twenty-five past three.

"Come on folks, if all these aren't printed in I'l be keeping you back," Boomed our business teacher, smugly reclining in a large swivel chair by a stack of papers.

"That doesn't look like the email I sent."

Taylor hurriedly switched tabs from googling memes to the school email. Tapping another few buttons, the print icon popped up. "There, all done."

Across the room, the printer gave an encouraging whir.

"Thanks," I swept past Taylor over to the printer. Several other people who had printed last minute were gathered there, anxiously listening to every whir in anticipation of it spitting out their work. A few sheets shot out, hands clamouring to reach theirs.

"Why not wait until they've all been printed? They all have our name and candidate number on so we can just hand them out to each person?" I suggested, and the hands moved away. As I'd suggested the idea of handing out the sheets, it fell on me to carry this out, until only my own spreadsheet remained. Hurrying down the aisle of computers, I set my sheet down on the pile as the clock reached twenty-five past.

Mr Stephen gave an approving nod. "Bang on time. For that, I might just let you go five minutes early. Go on, shut down your computers and make sure the plugs are off at the wall first."

Mingling with the rest of the class as we darted for the door with the occasional thanks or cheers to Mr Stephen, I finally got out of the stuffy classroom.

Where most students went off towards the gates, I watched Taylor slip away in the direction of the bike shed. I took a step after him, the thought of Alexa making me backtrack. She had spent most of business eyeing me from the other aisle, and I could hardly abandon her now. In fact, she was stood by the corner of the block that we'd just left.

"You and that loner seem to a bit...friendly," she remarked as I approached.

"Hey Lex," My bright smile had no effect upon her sour features, which gave her the impression of a Greek goddess sucking on a tart lemon. "You walking this way?"

"Duh. You know, I could hear you laughing from the other side of the class."

Inwardly sighing, but keeping up the smile, I fell into step with her. "Just 'cause he's a loner doesn't mean he can't have a sense of humour. If something's funny, you laugh, right?"

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