Shadow: The Haunting Past

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I could tell after calling him a 'great friend,' that it somehow really offended him. In a way, I knew he would react that way, but my hopes were that he would take it as another step closer to something more. The walls built around my fragile heart started to break as I saw that on the inside, Sonic was broken to pieces. I could see that he was forcing back the tears of pain and regret. I then took a risky move and embraced him passionately. He was so warm, full of life, and I just needed to let him know that I was there for him. I figured that a hug was the most loving way of proving my point.

I felt his soft hands slowly run past my quills and hug me back. It was with all the love and power deep within him that I had been searching for that came with his hug. I still knew that he was still in pain, but I was dying to show my affection to him. At that time, I could truly process the thought that he loved me as much as I dearly loved him. But still I just could not tell him how I really felt. I could sense that the perfect moment was coming, but I wondered how I could possibly know for sure when it would bestow itself upon us.

Then we released each other from our long overdue hug. We gazed at each other one last time before I left the bathroom to let him finish getting ready. As he was getting ready I herd him start to sing again. With the tooth brush in his mouth he was mumbling words to 'Super Luv' again.

The only thing that was different was that the notes were not the same. I suspected that he was singing the last verse to the song that he had been teasing me with. Sonic always had a way of screwing with my head, but it was only one little verse. So I started to wonder why I was getting so eager to know it. Being relentless, my ears were strained as I tried to listen to his mumbled words. It made me start to whisper to myself softly.

"Damn, if only he didn't have a mouth full of toothpaste right now." Yet I could feel the old ways of my rage seeping through my throat. I felt the urge to storm in there and strangle the words out of him. Then my eyes grew small in shock. Am I really thinking about killing Sonic again? As if he was just another low life criminal.

I knew that Sonic could never even grasp that kind of crime. I was one hundred percent sure that if a fly landed on his nose, he would call it a beautiful creature of luck. Even something small like that was something that made me love him so much more. Sonic always respected the planet and how all creatures lived. Whether they were good or bad, he somehow always found hope that their lives would get even better then they already were.

So it made me wonder why would I even consider what I had in mind. It made me know right then and there that my past would always haunt me, and that through the mix of it all I would always be the killer that was made in a lab. The question still rained if he could still love me in the same way. Then I herd his voice echo from down the hall.

"I'm gonna take a shower, so just watch tv or something." Then the desire to kill was replaced with pure perverted pleasure. I knew as long as I was with Sonic, he could help get rid my past addictions. Just the thought of Sonics body, heightened every good desire. So my past was forgotten, and was caught pervertedly love struck in the present. Ten minutes later, the running water stopped, the house went quiet and all I could hear was the soothing sound of the refrigerator purring. I perked my ears up to listen for any other noises that Sonic might have made, but all I could hear was wet footsteps. Then an embarrassed voice belonging to my secret crush.

"Oh god dammit!" I could tell that there was either something missing, or maybe something he forgot. Whatever it was, it was obvious that he was pissed about it.


"Yeah?" My voice was hesitant as I tried to act as if I had not noticed all of his screaming. Sonic always said that I had a way with words and how I said that, but I never believed it. I was horrible at lying and trying to hide it in my voice when I knew something was the worst part about me, besides who I really was.

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