Dreaming In A New World (Chp. 4)

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"If we are going to have any chance in finding this mystery guy, we'll need a map of this city." Zara said. "Yeah." I said, dryly. "I hope this city isn't too big.." I said to myself. I went to a vending stand and got a map. From an Eagles eye view, the city was shaped like the zodiac symbol for the sun. "Hey Zara, check this out." I said as I handed her the map of the city. "Whoa. It looks like a zodiac sun!" Zara responded. "I know! I think it represents humans thinking that they're the center of the earth. They think that they're the thing that holds everything together- as a matter of fact, they think that they can control everything's fate...just like the sun keeps everything in its place...just like if the sun didn't hold everything in the universe, every planet and everything on it will suffer." I explained. "Ignorance is a powerful force. It can definitely hold everyone back. Who knows, maybe humans could be more advanced if they weren't so ignorant." Zara added. "Ok Zoelle, what are we going to do?". "Let's go to a library." I said. "I've got some hacking to do". "Oooh, sounds pretty cool" Zara said. Zara handed me the map and I tracked down a local library.
Zara and I took the nearest MagLev to the library. Once we got there, we entered in awe. "Oh my stars!" Zara exclaimed. "Totally! The city is filled with beautiful architecture...well, the expensive part of the city" I responded. The library and its façade was made up of glass that reflected the light from the stars and full moon outside of it. The library had white marble floors. Beautiful morals and historical drawings were drawn in gold on the glass walls. The library had golden bookcases with the most updated books held within them. The technology was the newest kind, including touch screen holographic computer monitors, projected TV screens, and many more technologies. There was a huge chandelier hanging in the center of the library, made of glass. "Let's make this quick." I said.
I found the most private holographic monitor in the library. It was hidden from the glass windows by bookcases. I got onto the computer and typed away. I quickly hacked into the tracking system made by the government. We all have identity chips in our wrists so that the government knows we're we are at all times. I quickly typed in Ash's nickname. "Ugh, it is so hard to track down people by their nicknames" I whispered as I complained. I pulled up another window and hacked into the files that had all of the names and profiles of the people in my city. I finally found him! I typed his name into the other window. I gasped. "What's up?" Zara asked. "Ash committed tons of crimes in the past. He's a very dangerous guy. He served a prison sentence for five years, two more because he's a Taurus" I explained. "Oh. My. Gosh." Zara said. "You have a great taste in guys Zoelle. Great job on picking the most known criminal in our town!". I punched Zara in the forearm, and she responded with a loud groan. Some people turned around to look at us. "Shut up. You are drawing way too much attention. Ash could help us. He could be important" I explained. I found Ash's location. "I got him" I said. I quickly pulled up the same window on my phone. "Let's go" I said.
Both Zara and I got up and left the library. We took the MagLev and went to Ash's location. I took a step out of the MagLev and looked at my surroundings. It was a dark alley. A door stood in front of Zara and I, surrounded by bricks that looked like they've been burnt before. "we are so not going in there" Zara said. "Have fun staying out here then" I said. "Ok, fine, I'll go in" Zara replied. We both walked towards the door. It was oddly quiet. Goosebumps crawled up my neck as knocked on the door. "There's no turning back now" I said, dryly, as the door creaked open.

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