Cassie & Louis

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Louis was never really into me until that night. I really, REALLY wanted to play spin the bottle, but, it being Harry's party, I couldn't exactly take charge.

"OI! YOU LOT! LET'S PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE, SNOG EDITION!" Louis screamed, smashing a bottle on the floor by accident. I giggled, and swept the broken glass under the couch for safety as everyone rushed to sit down. Shaniece ended up on Harry's lap, which made us all laugh, as he grew red in the face from something which I would say, but I'm too shy to. Lol.

I sat next to Louis and Perrie, praying to god I wouldn't have to kiss one of the girls. I'm not homophobic, I'm just not bi or les or anything. Louis snaked his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "Cassie, I do believe the bottle has led me to you." He slurs, smirking. I flush, and look round at the others. Clearly I'd gotten so wrapped up in my thoughts I'd missed the start of the game. I looked back at Louis, who was now looking rather shy, unusual for him. Zayn and Liam grabbed forks and chinked them together in a beat, and started chanting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" I looked Louis in the eye, his amazing, deep, meaningful eyes, and they sparkled slightly. "He brushed my hair back, before tilting his head and shoving his mouth onto mine. It was bliss. We were making out. I'd waited so long or this moment, I didn't want it to end. And neither, it seemed, did Louis. When we did break apart, the whole room was silent. Niall laughed nervously, and said "You do know how long that was right?" Louis shook his head, and put his other arm around me, in a cuddle. "3 minutes." I flushed again, and looked down at my hands. Louis shrugged, and whispered in my ear. "Cassie, would you- go out with me?"

I Swallowed the lump in my throat. And nod.


No.7 in the series!

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