Over what?

I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. Why was my life suddenly so confusing?

"Is everything okay?" Maria continued.

"Yeah," I answered, keeping my eyes on Sean. I didn't feel like turning my back on him. "Sean was just leaving."

Sean inhaled deeply, let the out-of-the-blue anger run off him, and smiled at me. But I could see the cracks in that smile. "I'll talk to you later, Liz."

He walked past me, bumped his shoulder against mine and I mumbled in a delayed response to his promise, "Please don't."

"What happened?" Maria asked, eyes wide open, as she walked around me. "Didn't you really like Sean?"

I grimaced. Did I? What the hell was I on? Maybe it was the death of my mom that had sobered me up. Made me see that life is too precious to waste on blue-eyed blond jocks.

I shrugged. "He was annoying me."

Maria looked concerned and I felt my heart drop. Not that look. She was thinking about my mom. About my situation. Her empathy was pulling at me to react, to respond. But I couldn't. I couldn't let her drag me into that reality; the reality I was trying really hard to repress. If I let myself feel I would fall apart. I couldn't do that. I had only just managed to drag myself back to school.

"Have you eaten?"

I shook my head. "Nah. I'll try and grab something for lunch."

Maria considered this for a moment before letting it go. Thank God.

She nodded. "Okay." Turning to her locker, she breathed in a fake upbeat tone, "Well, I have English-"

"And I have History," I finished.

Maria opened her locker and pulled out her books. "Right." Slamming the door closed and shuffling the the numbers on the combination lock, she looked at me with a very maternal and compassionate look, "See you at lunch then?"

I nodded. "Sure."

She smiled at me hesitantly and her eyes teared up. Oh no.

"Love you," she said softly and my heart broke a little.

God, I loved this friend of mine. But I was drowning in emotions. I couldn't reflect on yet another one right now.

"Love you too," I whispered back.

Her smile got larger and more teary and, before she could dissolve into tears, she left me alone at the lockers.

I pulled my history book out of my locker, locked it up and headed for the classroom. As I turned the last corner before my destination, something (again) grabbed my arm and pulled me.

Being completely unprepared for the event, my body followed like a rag doll, tripping on its feet at the sudden sideway movement. I didn't have time to look around and see who had so rudely snagged me from the corridor before I was trapped in a small janitorial closet, the front of my body lined up with the hard front of Mr. Mysterious.

I should name this chapter of my life 'The repeated incidents of being grabbed against my will by rude boys'.

"How are you feeling?" he breathed, eyes rapidly scanning my face, my throat, my body.

I shivered. With delight? Fear? I wasn't sure. Which was my regular mental state when it came to Mr. Max Evans.

I was acutely aware of the pressure of his hands on my upper arms, the way his fingers pressed into the softness of my poorly exercised muscles, as I raised two eyebrows and questioned, "What? Not even a 'hello'?"

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