Chapter 3

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Senior Year - 3

Almost two months had passed since the last time Lauren had spoken to her ex-lover. It was no secret that Camila was pregnant because of her showing tummy, but everyone believes that it is Austin's kid. Eventually, the rumors got to Lauren, making her believe it too.

She distanced herself away from the couple as well as the rest of the group. 

Ever since Camila told her she was pregnant, something inside her snapped. She broke up with Ally and would spend her breaks between classes either in the janitors closet, her car, or under the bleachers. It was a mutual agreement between them though, because now the small girl was supposedly sleeping with Troy, another guy from the football team. 

Lauren was still single and her title as 'the schools's player' was coming back to haunt her because she took every opportunity to hook up with any girl.

It didn't matter though. The less stress from relationships meant that she was able to focus more on her studies and football games and practices. They have won the past couple of games against other schools meaning that if they win the next one, Riverbank High will still have their winning streak and will qualify for the playoffs the eventually state championships. If they win that, they will then go into Nationals without a problem.

It's a chilly Thursday in the month of October and Lauren was all ready for practice like usual.

"Alright everybody, huddle up and kneel." Lauren said to her team. The boys did what she said, surrounding her as they all knelt down on their right knees. "Today is our last practice before the last league game. If we win tomorrow, we will make it all the way to State, and maybe even Nationals. If we have the same drive we do with every practice and game, we will have the National title in no time. Play today like it's the biggest game of your life. Play tomorrow like it will be the last thing you will ever do." She finished her captains speech, noticing Austin running up to join the team on the field. "Everyone start your warm ups."

"You're late." Lauren said harshly to the boy who was putting his gear on.

"By like a minute." Austin tried defending himself.

"Yesterday you were late by eleven minutes. The day before that it was fifteen. Last week you didn't even show up to practice." Lauren kept getting closer, shooting the words harshly from her mouth.

"Laur, you know my situation with Cami-"

"I don't care." She shot again. "It's either you show up to practice on time like everybody else or you don't come at all and you're off the team."

"I get it, you're captain." Austin finally stood up for himself, raising his voice. "But that doesn't give you any right to be an asshole."

Lauren pushed him almost on instinct. Austin was fed up with the constant bullying from someone who was supposedly his friend. He pushed her back roughly, causing a fight to break out in between the two.

Zayn was the first to notice. He ran over to break up the fight and got help from some of the other players.

Everyone on the field noticed as well. Including the cheerleaders, and other students on the bleachers who were minding their own business.

"That's it, you two are done. Get out of my fucking sight." Coach yelled at Austin and Lauren, making them leave the field.


Lauren was furious. Not only did she let her emotions get to her, but she was ejected from practice with the slight possibility of not being able to play in the game tomorrow.

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