Aria woke up to the light heartbeats from Ezra's chest. It was still dark, so she figured it was somewhere in the middle of the night. She pulled the comforter closer to her body, and smiled as she recalled the moment they both had shared a few hours ago. Her smile slowly faded as she also realized they hadn't really talked. They both let their longing and desire for each other take over and thats how they ended up where they are now. Legs entangled in one another, her head resting on his chest, and his arm wrapped protectively around her. She couldn't lie and say she wasn't enjoying this. She really was. It brought back so many good memories of how their lives were before she was diagnosed with that stupid disease.

She started shedding quiet tears as she recalled the day she left them both. It was also the last time she'd been intimate ,in any way with Ezra. She'd missed they way he held her. The way he kissed her. The way he touched her. Everything about him. She was almost dreading the following morning, knowing very well, that they would definitely have to talk. Especially after their very passionate night. She had two clear options. One, be prepared to talk and finally work things out, or two, simply avoid the following discussion. She really didn't know. But right now, so perfectly settled in his arms, she didn't dare think about that anymore. She felt so at peace and safe in his arms, and she wanted that to last at least until morning. Pulling the comforter closer against both their bodies, she snuggled into the crook of Ezra neck, placing a gentle kiss on it . Still asleep, Ezra pulled her closer against him, and feeling safe and loved, Aria managed to fall asleep, only hoping she'd be able to handle the following morning.

Ezra stroked Aria's hair as he watched her soundly sleeping. He'd missed doing this. Watching her sleep and breathe softly. He couldn't be any happier. The previous night, had been so amazing. Sure, it was a passionate out of the moment occurring, but he couldn't care less. He enjoyed every bit of it. Every part of Aria's body, holding her so close and finally being able to touch her, to kiss her after so many years, made him smile from ear to ear. They hadn't set anything straight, or talked through their problems, but he was thankful for last night. It proved that their love and passion, was very much still there. As he ran his hand up and down her arm, he felt her start squirming. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, and for a second, she smiled at him. But it was quickly gone, realizing he was awake too.

"Good morning." Ezra smiled.

"Good morning." She mumbled quickly.

An awkward silence stood between the two, neither knowing what to do or say. It was obvious, way more than obvious, that they had a conversation pending, but neither knew how to start. Ezra sighed, closing his eyes briefly, before opening them up again.

"Aria," He started. "Last night-"

But Aria was quick to cut him off. She knew she was doing wrong, she knew that, but she was scared and confused. She just didn't know how it would play out. They were obviously both in a very awkward position at the moment. Going from not talking, to having sex. She didn't know how to feel.

"I'm sorry. I-i have to get ready for work." She lied.

She wrapped the sheet around her naked body, and as she was headed towards the bathroom, felt Ezra's hand gently on her arm.

"Can we please stop doing this?" He begged." We really need to talk."

He sighed.

"Especially after last night." He continued.

Aria knew he was right, so why was it that she couldn't let it happen? Again, going from silence to sex was something to be discussed, along with all the unanswered questions they both had for one another.

"Ezra," Aria whispered. "I have to go to work."

Ezra shook his head in disbelief.

"It's Sunday Aria. Hanna's boutique doesn't open today. You're just trying to avoid this just like you have been for the past weeks." He replied, growing annoyed.

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