Chapter 15

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Aria snuggled under the covers as she flipped through the channels. She wasn't paying attention to be honest, on what was playing, her mind kept wandering back to Ezra. She knew she should talk to him, work things out, but she was still too hurt by what he had said. She loved him more than anything, and he had wished her dead. It was really hard on her.

Aria sighed as she turned the TV off, and snuggled further under the covers. She missed the old days. When her and Ezra would cuddle on cold nights, or any night really. The way their legs tangled, the way his heart beat when she rested her head on his chest. She missed the goodnight kisses and those fun nights of love making. She really just missed all of him. But she couldn't get over him wishing she was dead. She just couldn't. She hoped in the future they could work things out, but in all honesty, she lost all hope in him that very second and wasn't sure if things could go back to how they used to be. Her biggest priority and only one for the time being, was her daughter. And she would make sure that things with Olivia, did go back to how they should be.

Spencer yawned as she parked in Ezra's driveway. It was already noon, but Ayden had kept her up all night with constant crying. She took a big gulp of her coffee as she walked up to the door. She'd much rather be sleeping, but she promised Aria she would pick up and drop off Olivia as needed, she'd already been doing so for a week, and she didn't mind, she just really wanted Aria and Ezra to makeup and be the happy couple they once were. But she didn't think that would happen anytime soon, so she kept doing what Aria had asked.

"Spencer." Ezra greeted her. "Come in."

"Thanks." She smiled back.

He sighed as he shut the door.

"I wish Aria come around and let me fix things." He admitted.

"I know. I've tried talking to her, but she won't listen. She's really hurt."

"I know. I'm such an idiot. It shouldn't have mattered what the reason for her leaving was, I should've never told her I wished she was dead. I don't know why I said it. Because you and I know that if Aria were ever to die, I'd die right beside her."

"I know. Just keep trying. Both of you have a lot of talking to do."

"Yeah. I will keep trying."

Spencer smiled and took a seat and as she waited for Olivia, her eyes started slowly closing.

"Rough night?" Ezra chuckled slightly.

"Just a bit."

"It will pass. The first few months are the hardest."

"I hope so."

Just a few seconds later, Olivia came running down the stairs.

"Olivia." Ezra said sternly. "What did I say about running?"

"Sorry Daddy." She smiled at him.

"Hi." Spencer laughed. "It's me, Auntie Spencer, do you remember me?" She joked.

Olivia giggled and ran to give her a hug.

"Hi." She said still giggling.

"Ready to go?"

Olivia nodded. She gave Ezra a goodbye kiss and followed behind Spencer.

"Liv, wait." Ezra called. "What are you and Mommy doing today?"

"Just going to lunch, and maybe a movie."

"Ok. Well have fun."

"I will."

"Bye, I'll drop her off later."

"Mommy!" Olivia smiled as she saw Aria.

"Hi baby." She gave her daughter a quick hug before turning her attention to Spencer.

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