58 - Love In My Blood ( part 5 final )

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If Adriano leave I will dig a hole and cry till I have no water left in my system.


"Don't you get it ? How else would you have known my name  if there wasn't a bond ? " he said a smile on his face as if all he was saying was true and me being his mate was the best thing ever .

"I'm not your mate " I said calmly .

"You are , would you have kissed me back if you weren't connected to me ?" he asked coming closer to me.

"You forced me , I did nothing ." I told him my breathing getting faster .

"I didn't force you , why would I do that !?" he asked me getting annoyed taking me by the shoulders.

My eyes widened in fear as I stared back into his eyes that were a beautiful natural color color of hazel brown.

"Don't hurt me ."I whimpered in fear, and he could see it in my eyes.

He immediately let go of me looking at me wide eyed .

"I would never." he said putting his palm on my cheek.

"you bit me ! " I snapped at him pulling away from his hand.

"I did it because you're my mate , and I didn't want anyone to take you from me." He said taking me by the waist holding me close to him and i didn't even try to fight him or push him away.

It felt ... right.

He leaned his forehead on mine .

"Do you feel this ?" he asked and I could see his smile .

"mmh" I hummed as a reply feeling something warm going through me where our skins connected.

"That's because you're my mate , and I am yours." he said his voice low and gentle.

My eyes stayed locked with his before closing lightly and I closed the space between the both of us being the one to kiss him this time and he immediately kissed me back.

We pulled away after a few moments.

He grinned wide happy that I was the one to take the first step this time.

I was confused with my actions , and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I need to go back home." I said looking at him and he frowned confused.

"what why ?" he asked me slightly worried.

"I need to think this is too much to handle right now" he nodded looking down.

From the way his shoulders slumped I could feel that he was really upset so before walking out of the door I walked over to him putting my hand on his arm and he looked up at me.

I leaned closer and left a lingering kiss on his cheek.

backing away I walked out of the door noticing my phone was in my pocket I called a cab that drove me back home .

That night I fell asleep the only thing on my mind was the hazel eyed vampire that was my mate.


Final part , I will continue this into a book I'll keep it simple and title it :

Vampire (Neymar Jr) 

like that it will be easier to search . I will notify you when it's up.






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