Moony nights.

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So I'm removing Sinistra Vector from the pairing also removing the marriage contracts, I have started a poll about Who Remus Lupin should be paired with, please vote.

Harry Potter could be found on this night in the middle of July seated at one of the many newly furnished tables at 'Moony Nights' with several tomes spread open at random pages surrounding him.

Immediately upon returning to their new home in the inn after his first year at Hogwarts, Harry spent most of his first night going over his thoughts of Hogwarts, his results, his friends and opinions of his teachers with Remus. He had also related the information about Tonks's parents to the werewolf.

"Mrs. Tonks said she'd see us and possibly represent us if we're going to take any action against the Ministry" Harry has informed his guardian.

"Andy?" Remus asked with a confused frown "She's a lawyer now?" he asked, still confused.

"Nymphadora mentioned something about you two being friends back during the first war" Harry commented thoughtfully "She and her husband run a Law firm based in Chichester Alley over near Manchester" he informed "Mrs. Tonks is the solicitor while her husband takes care of all the courtroom work" he paused "they have a good reputation that stems from their impressive win loss ratio" he began "Most neutral and wealthy families hire them for their services; Archades was actually the one to mention the Zabinis having hired them on more then one occasion."

Remus looked thoughtful for a moment before frowning "I won't be able to afford them and I refuse to take any more money from you, I feel bad enough as it is..." he was stopped when Harry waved his concerns off.

"Shut up will you?" Harry said, sending a glare at the man "If you must, look at it like this" he paused, making sure Remus was listening "I've already put a large amount of my money into this place, what sense would it make for me to not provide more for legal support if by not doing so it will fail? Do you suggest I throw away my money and abandon this investment?"

"I know what you mean...but I just..."

"But nothing Remus, I know how you feel about charity, but I'm trying to help you here so just accept it okay?" seeing Remus look dejected, Harry decided to go easy on him "Besides, you can just add this to the fees later on that you want to pay me back."

"We don't even know this will be successful Harry..." he said, sounding dejected, making Harry groan in frustration.

"You can be so annoying sometimes!" Harry said sounding frustrated, before calming down so he could continue "there has never, and I mean ever, been an establishment that can offer a safe haven for 'dark creatures' in England" he informed "I looked it up when you first sent me the letter, the only thing remotely close to this place in all of Europe would be a vampire safe house in Romania that doubles as a blood bank, and even then, the vampires have to go through heavy security checks if they want safety or blood" he said, in exasperation "Moony Nights is just what the dark creature community has been hoping for ever since prejudice has become common place in the magical world" he paused, sipping his water before continuing "if anything, you'll most likely find that you won't have enough room to house all of your guests, which is probably why you'll probably want to consider expanding underground like Gringotts, that and hire a staff of house elves."

Remus looked shocked at the information about no-one else having tried this before, ever, in Europe – it sounded extremely unlikely, so he voiced his thoughts.

"I never said they haven't tried" Harry corrected "there have been several attempts in Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Holland, Italy and Greece but they are all, at some point in their creation, stopped before opening" he said, reciting what he had learned from his research.

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