Chapter 4: Ride Home

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Chapter 4: Ride Home

The sun was burning on my neck, and my arms, and my legs. Every single part of me was sweating. Silently, I cursed myself for not wearing sunblock. Now, I would have horrible tan lines. Whiteness would cover my shins and thighs while my knees would glisten with a brown tan. Yay.

The soccer field was crowded with every school team. Middle school was over in the corner of the large grassy field underneath the tall trees. The JV teams got the smaller fields in the back, and Varsity got the biggest field right near the locker rooms, but unfortunately covered in sunlight.

The team and I all sat in the middle of the field stretching. Shannon and Taylor were leading the stretch. My body leaned forward as I attempted to touch my toes.

"Do you think we'll make it far this year?" I whispered to one of my only "friends" on the team. Her name was Hanna. She wasn't exactly the best person to be friends with. Sometimes she got a little intense during soccer, and if you ever joked around with her she would defiantly crush you, but she was the only girl I could tolerate on the team.

Hanna just laughed. "Yeah, right. Since when do we win games?" Taylor shot her a glare because of the noise and Hanna quickly shut up her laughter.

"I don't know." I shrugged and reached further for my toes. The entire bottom side of my legs burned. "We have some good sophomores on the team now."

"Please, we aren't the boys team," Hanna said simply.

She was right though. We won a decent amount of our games, but we lost most of our games. Losing didn't make us championship material.

"I just thought it would be cool," I whispered.

"Don't we all?" Hanna said. Her green eyes were staring at me. She had some sympathy for my crazy idea, but not much. Mostly it just looked like she pitied me for even thinking the idea.

"Okay girls," Shannon said and jumped up. "I'll see you all at our game tomorrow."

"Good work today everyone." Taylor beamed at all of us. She was such a faker. We knew that she hated all of our guts, but whenever we went to soccer it's like everyone was BFFs. That was so wrong though.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Hanna." I waved goodbye to her and walked over to the bench.

My feet were aching. They were mostly on fire because of the hot ground I was standing on. When I was finally able to kick off my cleats, it felt so amazing. My feet felt air again and weren't cramped anymore.

I slid on my sandals and slugged my bag over my shoulder. It was such a long day of tests and then practice. I couldn't wait to head home.

"Branson!" I heard and stopped walking down the dirt path before turning around.

"Hey Aspen," I waved as the tall gorgeous body jogged toward me.

Aspen was sweating like crazy, but somehow that just made him so much sexier. His hair was pushed back with a headband to block it out of his face. When he was at soccer, it was like it emphasized his hotness.

"Will you wait up for me?" He smiled. His brown eyes were sparkling. "I have to quickly change out of these clothes." He pointed to his sweaty uniform. "But I was hoping I could drive you home."

"Really?" I gaped. Was Aspen Carder seriously asking me this? "Uh, yeah I'd love that." I nodded like crazy. "I'll just wait here."

"Alright, I'll be right out." He locked eyes with me and winked before entering the locker room.

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