Chapter 23

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Hey guys.Listen to this song it gives me confidence.

(Your POV)

You woke up in a bed next to Ciel and it was the middle of the night.The moon light shone through the window and you got up wanting to leave as soon as possible but then felt too weak.You went in the bathroom and looked at the mirror."I should take a bath....."You said as you looked at the dirt smudges on your face.You sighed and took off your dress.Since you were practically raised in the 21st century you barely ever wore a corset.

You got in the nice warm bath relaxing from all the stress you've been going through since you've got here.You scooted your body down so the bubbles can cover you chest."What do you want spider demon?!"You snorted as you felt the cold eyes of a demon named Claude.

Claude stepped from out the shadows with that same smirk on his face he always has when he's about to do something to you."Hello Mi'Lady."You heard Jewels say.You looked behind Claude and saw Jewels with Ciel in her arms.She made a 'shh' motion with her index finger up to her lips.She soon disappeared and was gone.You told Claude to get out so you could get dressed.

You left out the bathroom drying you hair.You looked out the window to see the moon.You felt some one wrap their arms around your waist.You jumped and turned around."Get off me Claude."You said calmly.You tried getting out of Claude's grip as he tightened it.He then kissed you and you pushed him away.

You slapped him and pulled out gun."If you dare touch me!!"You said infuriated.

Claude chuckled and smiled looking down at your chest.You followed his eyes and looked down at your chest to see a black widow."Ack!! A spider!"You said as you felt the spider bite you.You quickly threw the spider off you and smooshed it with your foot.

Claude looked at you with his eyes fuchsia and you fell to the ground as darkness engulfed you.

---*walks in with a chicken*Here y'all go*---

You woke up in an unfamiliar room.Maybe you were in the Phantomhive Manor....but then you would have been able to sense the presence of the three idiots and Tanaka.

You heard foot steps and watched the door carefully.As soon as Claude walked in with Hannah you looked away and said 'dear mother of Satan.'

Claude walked over to you and looked at you.You looked away and he grabbed your face and made you look at him.He studied your face like he was a scientist and you were a newly discovered species.

"Y/N follow me."Claude said walking out the room.You tried standing there not wanting to go but your body didn't listen to you it listened to Claude.'What the hell is wrong with my body!?'You followed in complete silence,listen to Claude's every order the rest of the day.

Hey guys I know this chapter is horrible but......what ever......bye!!

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