Chapter 14

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As soon as Ezra heard those words, he felt all around him disappear. He forgot how to breathe, forgot about everything. Everything went blank. He was in absolute shock. Finally his breathing became regular, and slowly, he started coming back to his senses. He took a deep breath, trying to hold back the tears and emotions building up inside of him.

"S-she had cancer?" Ezra asked.

Spencer nodded.

"You're lying." He stated, but he knew she wasn't. "It's not true." He continued.

Spencer cried softly and nodded.

"It is Ezra." Spencer replied. "I couldn't believe it at first either."

"No." Ezra repeated. "She would've told me. She would've told me, we could've done this together."

"She didn't want to tell you at the time."

Ezra still refused to believe it. His Aria couldn't have been sick. But he knew Spencer wouldn't lie about something this big. It was true.

"She's Ok now, r-right?" Ezra asked, finally accepting the harsh truth.

Spencer nodded.

"H-how did this happen? Why didn't she tell me?"

"You need to talk to her."

"All this time," Ezra sighed. "All this time she's been back, she's been trying to tell me."

Spencer nodded.

"You didn't want to listen."

Ezra sighed and paced around the living room. He felt the tears coming again, but he couldn't cry.

"I'm a jerk." Ezra stated. "I'm a huge jerk."

Spencer walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulder.

"Just talk to her." Spencer encouraged. "You both need to talk."

She gave him a friendly hug before heading out. Ezra still had his head buried in his hands. He just couldn't explain how he was feeling. It was so many different emotions taking over him. He ran up to his room and lost it completely. Pulling the covers off the bed, kicking the mattress off, and knocking off all on his nightstand, he kept going until his room was a complete mess. He had to let his emotions out in some way, but he wasn't sure why he couldn't just let himself cry. He'd already done so several times, but he was too shocked to cry. To shocked to do anything.

But it didn't last too long. Before he knew it, his face was soaked. How could he be so stupid? Why had he been so stubborn and refused to let her explain? He had been so rude. Such a jerk. He felt his anger with himself increase when he remembered the last conversation between the two. He had told her he wished for her death. For the death she had been so close to with her illness. How could he say that to her? It had probably hurt her more than anything hearing those words. Especially coming from him. If only he'd let her explain. Ugh.

Finally, he was able to calm down. He sat down on the mattress, which was now laying in the middle of his bedroom. He had to talk to her. He needed to. He needed so many answers. But the most important one, why she would leave when she could've stayed and had everyone help out. Why did she have to face this alone? He went back downstairs, in search for his cellphone. He couldn't wait any longer. He needed to talk to her right now. He picked up his cell with trembling fingers, as he found her number. The rings on the other end seemed eternal. He was so desperate for an answer. He waited and waited but was met her voicemail all twenty times he called her. He was going insane. This harsh and hurtful truth had really thrown him off. He wasn't sure all he was feeling. He needed to see her soon, that was for sure. So he grabbed his car keys and rushed out.

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