I swear to god, these types of comparison pics always piss me off. (This rant is in memory of Satoru Iwata, who sadly passed away due to bile duct growth. May your achievements and in life live on for generations.) This rant is also copied from my G+ post. Don't worry, it's completely my own words.

First off all, while I agree with some of the differences, Mario is Nintendo. Sonic is Sega. They are "beloved icons" in their own way. Stop putting one thing over the other. Plus, the games are unique in their own way. Doesn't matter if one is realistic and one's not. That's what makes the games different and INTERESTING. When you compare two worlds, think of how they bring something new rather than how they simply look. A simple "toon-like" world can have more substance than you give it credit for. And I think both games had Japanese animators. And this is what one comment said about the realistic bit:

"Ah yes
Realistic worlds
Super fast hedgehog-humanoids are a regular occurrence on the streets here"

The animation for Super Mario Galaxy was actually amazing. Even if the story was kinda repetitive, there's at least something to appreciate, like the evolution of video game animation. Surprisingly enough though, no one's giving Pokémon the same type of argument. So why is Mario the one to jab at if Pokémon has been doing close to the same thing? If Mario and Sonic copied each other, at least one fan would have called out a cop out and both games would have fallen into despair.

Also, Mario's rival was named BOWSER. Not Wario. But Mario faced other villains as well so don't try to say that he has only one villain to face.

And to dispute the notion that a Mario character didn't make it into Wreck-it-Ralph, it did. It was Bowser. Even if it wasn't the red Italian plumber himself, it's still something.

And as far as the movie goes, everyone knew about the fact that "Super Mario Bros." wasn't going to be a hit. It was playing mainly on hype. And in addition to that, you have to realize that Nintendo released a comic about Mario that actually had a bit of a story mixed in with comedy and action and it even had Princess Peach kicking butt. It gave a reason why Bowser wanted to kidnap Peach.

And yeah, Luigi is kinda overshadowed, but one, the only time I seen that happening was in Super Mario Galaxy. Second, dude, he gets his own game. What more do you want?

And finally, when you compare popularity, yeah, Sonic had to work his way up but do realize that while a good story and animation is needed to be a good game, marketing also plays a factor in determining how popular a game can be.

And so in conclusion, they are both equally important in the world of gaming. So stfu. Thank you.

Thank you for reading this rant. I was truly devastated when I found out that he died. But these things happen. He just happened to leave behind a legacy.

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