38 - Interrogation

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"This is not about me. This is about you," I declare.

Brink's voice enters my head without being spoken aloud. "Remember the focus, Aurora. Discuss his relations with the rebels and their plans. Find out as much information you can about their doings. I trust you."

Based on Brink's words, I know I said the correct reply. I turn my head and give him a nod before I step over to the wall of controls and shut off the security cameras. If I remember right, Brink had done the same last time we were in here, and if he trusts me like he claims, then he should have no problem allowing me to shut off his only live input.

Brink departs without any romantic gestures and I am unsure of how I feel about it. He's hardly touched me in two days. It brings me to wonder if our relationship will ever rise up again.


When Brink completely vanishes from the room, Travis chooses to speak. "So how are they treating you here? They aren't still hurting you are they?" he questions, his voice deep and hoarse as always, but altered due to his injured jaw.

I narrow my eyes, and for a fraction of a second I see him flinch, though I'm not sure why. Am I that intimidating? I scan him from head to toe, taking in his anxious eyes and weak standing position. In fact, he hardly stands but rather leans against the wall behind him as though he's far too exhausted to bear his own weight. He's fragile. And vulnerable.

This should be easy.

"Let's start with simple questions," I begin with a snicker. "Like your name, for example. What is it?" Of course, I already know the answer, but I'm asking to observe his facial expressions to differentiate his lies from truths.

He rolls his eyes. "Why are you doing this? You already know my name, Aurora. Quit playing games."

My lips pucker at his stubbornness. "Just answer the question. I didn't give you a choice," I sneer, squinting my eyes again.

He dips his head low to the floor and remains absolutely silent. His breathing is rough and intervallic, but I try not to let it distract me. Same goes for the oxygen whooshing in through the ceiling vents. Both are loud and put me out of my comfort zone.

"Just to inform you, I am fully prepared to use force if you do not respond," I warn.

He scoffs and his lips form a smile. "Oh like that will scare me. Can't you tell I can take a hit? Besides, I was able to trap you in one of my chains last time without hardly trying."

To show him I'm not playing around, I jam my forearm into his neck. His entire body goes rigid and slams against the wall with a smack. "Are you sure you want to test me? Now what's your name?"

His Adam's apple bobs beneath my arm and I release him so he can get a second attempt at speaking. My task isn't to kill him; it's information I seek. "I'm Travis." He's telling the truth. I try to pinpoint his features when he's speaking. Steady eyes.

"Last name?"

His eyes sluggishly roll around again. "Seriously?"

I bare my teeth.

"McCormack. Travis James McCormack. Got it?"

My eyebrows sink toward my nose and I release him. He inhales a few large breaths before he's back to emphysemic breathing.

"I do want to personally thank you for getting my jaw broken. I enjoy drooling all over the floor, just to let you know," he says after a while, huffing after each word.

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