Chapter 1

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Senior Year
LJ (9:14 am) - Will you please talk to me? I haven't seen you all summer or even this entire first week of school.

LJ (10:06 am) - Come on it's Friday. There's no way you're paying attention. Did I do something wrong?

LJ (11:40 am) - I miss you, Camz. You coming to the game tonight?

LJ (12:03 am) - Ok then.. Meet me at our usual spot during lunch?

"There she is!" Zayn Malik came up behind his best friend, pretending to hold up a microphone up to his mouth as if he was interviewing the girl. "Tell me Lauren, you spent all summer before senior year at one of the best football camps in all of America. Are you ready to lead the Riverbank High School Wildcats into another championship season!?" He purposely yelled out, causing the sea of students in the hallway to cheer.

"Shut up, man" Lauren laughed, closing her locker door before they left to the cafeteria.

Once the two entered, everyone welcomed the green eyed girl back with either a flirty 'hi' or a high five. Even people who she had never spoken to had greeted her.

"Girlfriend, 12 o'clock." Zayn nodded his head towards the small brunette girl who was ordering her food in the line.

"Hey you" Lauren said, wrapping her arms around the shorter girl and kissed her cheek.

"Babe! You're back!" Ally turned around and kissed Lauren passionately.

"Just in time for the first game of the season, too." Zayn cut in, bringing the two girls out of their make-out session.

"How is everyone?" Lauren asked her girlfriend, referring to their entire group as the three of them ordered their lunch.

"Well, the day that you left for camp Dinah asked Normani out. So now they're like sex maniacs whenever they don't have practice. Same with Louis and Harry." Ally responded.

"Austin threw up during our first day of practice because he was in Cancun most of the summer." Zayn cut in laughing.

"And Camila?" Lauren asked nonchalantly.

"No one really knows. She didn't talk to us all of summer because Austin dumped her. When we got back to school on Monday, she's been abnormally quiet. All I know is that she quit cheer, leaving me and Mani as head captains." Ally answered.

The three of them made their way to the usual spot where they ate everyday for lunch.

"I thought you said they broke up." Lauren said, as her emotions got to her when she saw Austin pretty much sucking Camila's face like a vacuum.

"That's what we thought too." Zayn said.

They all sat together the same way they have since their freshmen year of high school. Except, Lauren had a jealous feeling rising up in her.

Truth was, Lauren and Camila Cabello would secretly hook up from time to time.

It started about halfway of their junior year. Camila tutored Lauren in AP Calculus when she accidentally walked in on Lauren jacking off before their session. Everyone knew about Lauren's condition which made all the girls want her even more while the guys on the team still treated her like a girl.

They kept their little 'meetings' a secret from their friends, until they felt like they were in an actual relationship instead of just fuck buddies. It was inevitable - captain of the football team with the head cheerleader.

Lauren loves Ally, she really does. But she never felt the way she does whenever she was with Camila. The two could talk for hours like they've been best friends their whole lives; they knew each other inside and out.

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