Chapter 9

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*Jiya Pov*

I woke up hearing the pounding on my door. I shouted 'Wait' but still it continued. I groaned and sat up from my bed.

"What is it?" I asked, opening the door to see Mom fuming at me.

"What is it?! Just see for yourself. I can't believe you are with him even after everything he did to us." She replied, shouting and threw the paper at me.

I searched the stupid section of the paper to see the photo of him and me. I closed my eyes and threw the paper back at her.

"Now I understand why you don't want to release your brother." She said glaring at me.

"Can you leave me alone?" I asked and slammed the door without hearing her reply.

"We should take a photo of ourselves and put it here laminating it." I said, looking at the empty space in our room.

"So, you are finally ready to talk." He said, placing his head on my shoulder.

"I am not talking to you. I am talking to my husband." I said, shrugging his head.

"I am your husband." He said, turning me around.

"Then why did... you... Stopped our dancing yesterday?" I asked him frowning.

"You should be comfortable." He replied, staring at me.

"I am! There I said it. I am comfortable with you. Don't you see I love you so much Ajay." I said holding his face.

"Jiya..." he said, sighing.

"Am I unattractive? Am I the reason?" I asked him frowning.

"No, no! Be ready by 8 in the evening. We will even have the photo if you want." He replied and walked outside the room to go for office.

Even? Does that mean? Yes! I want to be his in every way, and finally it will happen.

I shook my head and got ready to reach the office even earlier. When I walked outside, Mom is still fuming while Dad is just confused.

"I am working as a secretary for him. That happened yesterday when we went to a client's function where my other colleagues were there." I said sighing.

"I am not saying this to clear any misunderstanding. I just don't want anyone to think I am with him and don't want to hear it directly." I added and walked outside.

"Jiya! It must be difficult for you. Why don't you join somewhere else?" Dad asked following me.

"I can't Dad. Another contract is signed by me for the amount, we have to pay him." I replied and walked away.

"Do you have any problem?" I asked the people that are staring at me in the elevator.

Everyone is doing the same from the time I stepped inside the company. I shook my head and thought this all would have never happened if I didn't stay in that function at all.

I made his coffee and placed it on my table as there is still time for him to reach.

"Are you fine?" Raj asked directly walking towards my desk.

"Why wouldn't she be? She stole my chance and must have planned this from the beginning of function." Ms.Rose replied who didn't stop fuming at me from the time she walked in here.

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